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Kitchen Design & Remodeling

Transitional Kitchen Design Bridges Past, Present and Future

The Kitchen Master | June 6, 2016

Transitional design, rather than being a nondescript look, can be an exciting blend of historical elements with futuristic convenience, melding the best of past, present and future into one harmonious…

Kitchen Design & Remodeling

Kitchen Appliance Color Trends: New Takes on Old Favorites

The Kitchen Master | May 30, 2016

You may not remember the days of coppertone, harvest gold and avocado kitchen appliances, and you might think that those turquoise, hot pink and candy apple red refrigerators are a…

Kitchen Design & Remodeling

Creating a Smart Kitchen: Design Ideas

The Kitchen Master | May 23, 2016

Not only has smart technology revolutionized business and communications, but it is now marching into the home, changing forever the way we will live our lives. Wireless security systems and…

Bathroom Design & Remodeling

How Small Bathroom Upgrades Can Make a Big Impact

The Kitchen Master | May 16, 2016

If your bathroom isn't keeping pace with the demands you place on it, or if its "face" needs a lift to brighten your spirits, consider some upgrades that can make…

Home Design & Remodeling Tips

Creative Ways to Remodel a Bathroom for a Busy Family

The Kitchen Master | May 9, 2016

If you have a family bathroom that is shared by children of different ages or genders, or perhaps shared by children as well as adults, think about making the space more…

Kitchen Design & Remodeling

A Full Kitchen Design or Partial Renovation? How to Decide

The Kitchen Master | May 4, 2016

Kitchen remodels are among the most popular home projects in the country. They are also some of the most expensive. But, what if you just want a new look and…

Kitchen Design & Remodeling

Different Layouts for Your Dream Kitchen Renovation

The Kitchen Master | April 25, 2016

The kitchen work triangle, with clearly defined requirements, was for decades the standard used for kitchen design. Style was considered secondary as long as the number of steps between major…

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Using Cambria Quartz in a Kitchen or Bath Remodel

The Kitchen Master | April 17, 2016

If there's such a thing as a perfect material for kitchen and bath surfaces, Cambria Quartz may just be it. Stronger and even more durable and natural than granite, available…

Bathroom Design & Remodeling

5 Shower Remodeling Tips

The Kitchen Master | April 11, 2016

Second only to kitchen renovation, bathroom remodeling projects are some of the best ways to add value and a bit of modern luxury to your home. The bathroom is one…

Kitchen Design & Remodeling

Selecting the Right Oven for Your Kitchen Renovation

The Kitchen Master | April 4, 2016

There was once a time when all ovens were pretty much the same. Whether you were planning to roast a turkey or bake a batch of cookies, you adjusted the…