9 Upgrades You Need to Consider for Your Bath Remodel

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There are so many wonderful options when you plan a bathroom renovation that it’s sometimes hard to choose, right? Whether you’re planning to update your master bath, renovate a family bath or add a new bathroom in your home, you might want to consider some of the most popular options with homeowners across the country.

Here are some of the latest trends, according to a survey conducted by popular online home site Houzz. Although most of these are geared toward master bathroom remodel projects, some of the features are just as desirable for another bathroom in your home. Consider some or all for your own bathroom redo.Just keep in mind what works for you!

The survey confirmed that master bathrooms are shared, 75 percent of the time, with a partner, so it pays to pay attention to the wants and needs of both.

Separate spaces, in the form of partial or full walls, for a shower area and/or the toilet area, share top honors for the most popular feature with homeowners.

Beyond that, however, homeowners tend to go in different directions with favored bathroom renovation features.

Here are some of the features you should consider for your own bathroom update:

  • Curbless Showers: Popular because of the clean lines as well as the convenience, curb-free showers are also a primary feature of newly-in-vogue “universal design.”
  • Rainfall showerheads, body sprays and flexible showerheads. Again, for flexibility and function, these are features you should consider for any new shower installation.
  • Built-in benches and footrests. Long a feature of oversize, spa-influenced showers, even a small bench can be functional.
  • Steam showers: A fully enclosed space, even without the actual steam unit, can make a long shower feel therapeutic.
  • Dual vanities: One of the primary reasons for planning a bathroom remodel is to gain a second vanity. Older homes frequently had only a single vanity, even in an ensuite master bath. Adding a second sink is a desirable upgrade.
  • Cabinet upgrades: Pay attention to the need for storage as well as good looks. In a modern space, install a shelf-like vanity, but include a separate linen closet.
  • Water-saving fixtures and faucets: Insist on the latest technology to assure water savings and efficiency. Look into variable flush toilets, as well as temperature-controlled faucets and adjustable-flow showerheads.
  • Sustainable Materials: You don’t have to give up beauty and style to be eco-friendly. It is easier than ever before to find sustainable materials for your bathroom remodel.
  • All the bells and whistles, from built-in saunas to televisions and sound systems are available for your bath renovation. Listen to your heart as well as your budget when making your decisions, and create a new bath that suits you to a tee.


Make It Personal

The Houzz survey found that four out of five homeowners prioritize style and beauty above all other considerations, including resale value. In addition, nine out of ten homeowners who plan a bathroom remodel plan to change the style of their bathroom. Most opt for a more contemporary expression, no matter what their existing style might be.

Be conservative with some of the color choices, however. Overwhelmingly, homeowners opt for white fixtures, and grey is, right now, the trendiest color for new bathroom remodels.

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