Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling FAQs

At The Kitchen Master, our team of expert kitchen and bathroom remodelers has years of experience resolving countless client concerns. Find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions our team receives below.

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How long will my remodeling project take to complete?

Once you’ve approved the contract and final drawing for your remodeling project, our team will meet in your home to discuss the work process.

We coordinate all deliveries, services, and daily work schedules to fit your personal schedule to provide you with the most convenience. Each project timeline is carefully curated for each client, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer to how long your bathroom or kitchen remodeling project will take.

Contact The Kitchen Master to schedule an initial consultation so you can get a personalized estimate on the timeline for your project!

Can I select the specific products used in my bathroom or kitchen remodel?

Absolutely! During the design phase of your project, our team will develop a complete investment worksheet featuring choices in materials and design alternatives.

We’ll also guide you through material, style, and color selections to complete a truly one-of-a-kind room that you can enjoy for years to come.

Our team is committed to delivering a completely customized result that meets your unique needs. We’ll meet as many times as necessary to improve and finalize the many details of your remodeling project.

Will I need to move out of my house during bathroom or kitchen remodeling?

Not necessarily. Despite the noisiness, many of our clients choose to live in their homes throughout the duration of their remodel.

Our team is careful to treat your property as if it were their own, treating you and your family with the utmost respect and courtesy throughout the building process. We do everything in our power to minimize any disturbance to your daily life, performing each task as efficiently and expeditiously as possible.

Does my remodel come with a warranty?

The Kitchen Master is proud to provide each of our customers with added peace of mind for their kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects.

We offer a five-year warranty on every room we renovate.

Learn more about our five-year remodeling warranty online or schedule a renovation consultation with our team today!

Do I need a permit for my bathroom or kitchen remodel?

In most cases, you will need to obtain a permit before beginning your remodeling project.

However, if your project is particularly small, you may not be required to have a permit to begin building.

Our team has years of experience remodeling homes throughout the Western Chicago region. We will help you navigate every step of the process, including helping you obtain any necessary building permits that may be required for your remodel.

Do you provide free remodeling consultations?

Yes, we do! Each customer interaction begins with a simple phone call to establish whether or not our team is a good fit for your project.

After this general project intake is complete and we each decide to move forward to the next step, we will schedule a one- or two-hour, no-fee consultation in our showroom or your home. We’ll learn more about you, your home, and your unique vision for your space during this consultation.

From there, we’ll develop a broad outline of the project goals, budget, and rough timeline to help you decide if The Kitchen Master is the right team for your remodeling project.

Can you remodel other rooms in my home?

The Kitchen Master isn’t just an expert kitchen or bathroom remodeling company.

We’ve helped transform many different spaces in our clients’ homes, including laundry rooms, office spaces, and more.

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