Bathroom Remodeling & Renovation
near Naperville, IL

From a powder room to a master suite.

Our expertise does not stop with kitchens. From your powder room to the relaxing retreat of your master bath, The Kitchen Master can create a highly personal space to cleanse both the body and the soul - in less time than you think. If you can imagine it, the Kitchen Master team can design and construct it.
Newly installed master bathroom drawers and cabinets.
We’re focused on your needs.
If your family’s needs include the “kid’s bathroom”, The Kitchen Master can create a bathroom that may just stop the arguing. Well maybe not, but we can design personal spaces for the kids to store and separate their toiletries and other necessities so they can get out of the house on time to catch the school bus.
Custom Naperville Bathroom Remodeling
Your guest bathroom or powder room can be transformed to fit your specific needs. They can be designed to fit multi-generational families or anyone with special physical requirements. Your guests and neighbors will be amazed how the Kitchen Master design team has changed that out-of-date bathroom to a tastefully crafted space that perfectly fits the rest of your home. As experienced Naperville bathroom remodelers, we work with customers to give them the bathroom that matches the rest of the home while transforming the space into an elegant addition that meets your needs. We can help you determine which design will work best, based on the architecture of the home and the size specifications of the room. We'll give you everything you need to make your bathroom look better than it ever has, with unique sink designs, mirrors, lighting, showers, and more.
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Our bathroom remodeling turned out much better than expected. It was not an easy job, as you know. We were restricted by size, location and construction flaws. Our designer was a real professional to work with. More than anything he listened to our needs and thoughts and reflected them in the design and plan. Our bathroom is a project with which we can all reflect pride.
E. D., Wheaton
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