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Is Summer the Best Time To Remodel Your Kitchen?

The Kitchen Master | April 29, 2022

Summer is fast approaching. Have you decided which home improvement projects to prioritize while the weather is warm? This could be the year to remodel your kitchen. Beautiful refinished floors, functional light fixtures, a glass tile backsplash, new countertops and custom cabinets — can you picture it? You don’t have to wait until fall to […]

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Top 5 Cabinet Design Trends for 2022

The Kitchen Master | March 31, 2022

No kitchen remodel is complete without redoing the cabinetry. After all, the upper and lower cabinets carry significant visual weight and greatly affect your kitchen’s overall appearance. The top trending theme this year is drama. The idea is to make a statement in the heart of your home rather than sticking to safer styles that […]

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5 Popular Home Design Styles in 2022

The Kitchen Master | February 28, 2022

Distinct interior design styles have developed over time, each featuring discernible furniture, decor, lighting, and accessory choices. These elements create a recognizable look and feel for each style, providing great starting points for homeowners looking for a design that matches their own aesthetics. When it comes to home remodeling, no rooms showcase distinct design styles […]

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2022 Bathroom Design Trends

The Kitchen Master | January 31, 2022

Bathrooms were once considered functional spaces with the idea of getting in and out as quickly as possible. Today’s bathrooms are luxurious retreats that invite you to linger and enjoy a little extra pampering. The key to creating this kind of bathroom in 2022 is to incorporate current design trends. At the same time, you […]

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6 Best Kitchen Design Trends for 2022

The Kitchen Master | January 23, 2022

Are you considering renovating your kitchen this year? You may know what particular designs and features you prefer, but you may also want a little inspiration to ensure your kitchen aligns with modern trends. Since you want your remodel to last, it’s wise to incorporate timeless designs into your renovation plans. Take a look at […]

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Top 6 Interior Design Trends for 2022

The Kitchen Master | December 29, 2021

With a new year comes new interior design trends to inspire your kitchen and bathroom remodeling plans. At The Kitchen Master, our team has helped homeowners keep their interior spaces on-trend through our unparalleled craftsmanship since 1977. One of the strongest themes we expect to see in 2022 is a focus on comfort, sustainability, and […]

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Create a Luxurious Escape in Your Bathroom With These Shower Ideas

The Kitchen Master | November 30, 2021

We all need moments and space to unwind. Our expert bathroom remodeling team in Naperville has noticed that more homeowners are making their bathroom the ultimate space to unwind, and we can make your dreams of well-deserved relaxation a reality. Here are a few bathroom shower ideas to help you create a luxurious escape space […]

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5 Home Office Design Ideas

The Kitchen Master | October 21, 2021

With more people working from home offices than ever before, many of us are looking for ways to make those home offices more comfortable, practical, and pleasant to look at all day. But figuring out what changes to make to your home office can be difficult if you’re not even sure where to start; maybe […]

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What Is Involved in Cabinet Refacing?

The Kitchen Master | September 28, 2021

When your kitchen cabinets are in decent shape but are in need of a stylistic update, cabinet refacing might be a better option than cabinet replacement. This affordable alternative allows you to achieve the look of custom cabinetry without the associated price tag, giving you the opportunity to refresh the design and functionality of your […]

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2021 Home Office Design Trends

The Kitchen Master | August 23, 2021

The home office has made a comeback as more companies recognize that remote work is the trend of the future. When you are ready to create a comfortable and productive place to work, the following are some of the hottest design trends you will want to incorporate into your plans. Bring In the Light Natural […]

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