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Give Your Kitchen Remodel an Upgrade with Thermador Appliances

The Kitchen Master | March 14, 2016

Keeping food and drinks cool or chilled, both to preserve and to protect flavor, have been important for centuries. The evolution of modern appliances to preserve what we eat, chill our drinks and provide ice at any time is truly remarkable, changing life dramatically in just a generation or two. Remodeling your kitchen gives you […]

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Timeless Bathroom Remodeling Trends

The Kitchen Master | March 7, 2016

Are you wondering what direction your bathroom remodel should take? The latest trend in bathroom design, which designers expect to continue well into 2017 and even beyond, is toward organic forms and materials. Think clay in all the natural, soothing colors of earth, from sandy loam to deep red, from muddy taupe to greenish grey. […]

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KitchenAid Zeros in on Trendy for Modern Kitchens

The Kitchen Master | February 29, 2016

KitchenAid is known for its attention to detail, its extensive line of small appliances, its smashingly attractive mixer colors, and its ability to respond to homeowner desires for kitchen appliances that look great and perform well. For 2016, KitchenAid has done it again: It’s a case of introducing the unexpected and the more-is-better approach. If […]

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Take Your Kitchen to the Next Level with Viking Appliances

The Kitchen Master | February 22, 2016

Long embraced by gourmet chefs and cooking professionals because of its reliability and performance, Viking introduced the first commercial cooking ranges designed specifically for home use back in the 1980s. The company has never wavered in its commitment to excellence in quality and innovation in design. Three separate product lines now meet homeowner needs in […]

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Samsung: A Marriage of Convenience and Technology for 2016 Kitchen Remodeling

The Kitchen Master | February 15, 2016

Samsung’s new model combines food storage with family scheduling for a sleek new interpretation of heart of the home efficiency. If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s the latest innovation by the folks who bring us phones and televisions, and it’s designed for a starring role as command center of the household. A part […]

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Contemporary Rules: 2016 Kitchen Trends

The Kitchen Master | February 8, 2016

The overall look of the 2016 kitchen, according to savvy designers and appliance manufacturers, will continue the fusion of modern styling, function and drama, but with a fresh twist. Designers view clean lines, snazzy materials and newly popular finishes like black stainless and multiple colors in the same space as drivers for design in the […]

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How to Remodel a Larger Bathroom

The Kitchen Master | January 12, 2016

Whether you are working with a larger space to start or need to get more room for your master bathroom, it can be a challenge to approach a remodeling project. Having a large space for a bathroom can be just as problematic as being faced with too little space for all the amenities you envision. […]

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8 Kitchen Backsplash Trends for the Coming Year

The Kitchen Master | January 5, 2016

Here’s what’s just around the corner and destined to become popular for the next bright new looks in kitchen renovation: Reach for the Ceiling: Savvy designers are taking fabulous new tile walls all the way to the ceiling, making upper cabinets look as if they’re floating in a sea of color. Turn Up the Temperature: […]

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Bathroom Countertop Trends

The Kitchen Master | December 29, 2015

If you were asked to choose three words to describe bathroom countertop trends, how would you respond? According to all the experts, you would be right in step with the times if you said: Light Easy care Dramatic Bathrooms of the future will be every bit as stylish as any other room in the home, […]

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Common Kitchen Layout Problems and How to Overcome Them

The Kitchen Master | December 22, 2015

The size and existing floor plan of your kitchen do not necessarily dictate what it can become. In the hands of a creative kitchen designer, all sorts of possibilities can be considered, from purely cosmetic kitchen renovations to a complete overhaul that includes new cabinets, countertops, flooring and appliances. Whether you choose to remove walls […]

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