Kitchen Cabinet Ideas to Reshape Your Space

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If your kitchen cabinets prompt you to yawn or, worse yet, hang your head in shame, there’s no need to despair. With just a little planning, a pinch of creativity, and a direction to guide your remodel efforts, you can have a trendy new space with minimal effort.

Your budget plays a part, but your shopping options are not nearly as limited by dollars as they are abundant in possibilities. Custom kitchen cabinets can offer great value for specific needs, but there are many cost-effective options. A creative professional consultant is the best way to make your kitchen dreams a reality.

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Find Your Kitchen Style

If your existing kitchen meets your needs for function, but disappoints in the style column, decide what’s missing. Would you prefer sleek to raised panel doors? Do you yearn for the high-tech look of metal and glass? Would you be happy with a return to:

  • rustic
  • complete with reclaimed wood
  • rusty iron knobs
  • antique kitchen tools
  • chicken wire accents on upper cabinets

Do you want to replace countertops as well as cabinet doors, but prefer an eclectic mix of materials as well as both stained and painted finishes? Would you rather rip out the upper cabinets and install open shelves, or tall armoires instead for storage? Do you want to showcase a collection with glass doors?


Plan Your Kitchen Redo

Because cabinets represent a large expenditure, it pays to assess the state of your current kitchen. If cabinet boxes are sturdy, it’s entirely possible to reface your cabinets without starting from scratch. Decide what you can live with, and then you and your designer can discuss available options.

However, if your kitchen arrangement is awkward, or if you need additional, updated or specialized storage, you might be facing a full or partial cabinet replacement rather than just a refacing job.


Work with a Kitchen Pro

When you start looking at new cabinet choices you’ll be dazzled by the array. It pays to at least have a basic path to follow. Collecting online ideas, or fill a notebook with photos and sketches; then begin eliminating some of them. This is the time to refine your taste and define your preferences.

Color can be a great starting point. Painted finishes, from pale to black, are more popular than ever before for updating kitchens. And there’s no reason all your cabinets have to match! In fact, the addition of a single rustic antique, or one industrial element, in an other traditional or modern kitchen can be the focal point and spell the difference between “just okay” and “WOW!”

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When you’re ready to get started, just give us a call at The Kitchen Master. We’re good at making kitchens great! Why not let us help you find the best solutions?

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