Which Kitchen Cabinet Colors Are Timeless?

The Kitchen Master | July 30, 2022

What feature catches your eye first when you walk into the kitchen? The answer is probably your cabinets, simply because they occupy so much wall space. Do you like the current cabinet color or finish? If not, it’s time to make a change. Choosing cabinet colors requires finding the right balance between trendy and timeless. […]

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5 Remodeling Projects That Are Perfect for Summer

The Kitchen Master | May 31, 2022

Summer is renowned as a season spent basking in the sunshine and taking family vacations. But did you know it’s also a great time of year to remodel your home? Read on to find out how you can upgrade your home’s look and function this summer with help from The Kitchen Master! 1. Reface Your […]

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Is Summer the Best Time To Remodel Your Kitchen?

The Kitchen Master | April 29, 2022

Summer is fast approaching. Have you decided which home improvement projects to prioritize while the weather is warm? This could be the year to remodel your kitchen. Beautiful refinished floors, functional light fixtures, a glass tile backsplash, new countertops and custom cabinets — can you picture it? You don’t have to wait until fall to […]

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Top 5 Cabinet Design Trends for 2022

The Kitchen Master | March 31, 2022

No kitchen remodel is complete without redoing the cabinetry. After all, the upper and lower cabinets carry significant visual weight and greatly affect your kitchen’s overall appearance. The top trending theme this year is drama. The idea is to make a statement in the heart of your home rather than sticking to safer styles that […]

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6 Best Kitchen Design Trends for 2022

The Kitchen Master | January 23, 2022

Are you considering renovating your kitchen this year? You may know what particular designs and features you prefer, but you may also want a little inspiration to ensure your kitchen aligns with modern trends. Since you want your remodel to last, it’s wise to incorporate timeless designs into your renovation plans. Take a look at […]

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Common Kitchen Layout Problems & Innovative Solutions

The Kitchen Master | April 27, 2021

When you are planning a new kitchen layout, it is important to consider all the factors that can affect your kitchen’s usability and ergonomics, from traffic patterns to lighting and appliance placement. The most desirable kitchens make efficient use of kitchen size and kitchen layout to create a workspace that feels larger than it is […]

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Tips for Effectively and Safely Cleaning Your Countertops

The Kitchen Master | February 12, 2021

The Kitchen Master specializes in custom kitchen countertops that will provide durability and aesthetically pleasing style to your home for many years. Because a lot of time and thought go into the selecting, designing, and constructing of new countertops, it’s very important to take care of them appropriately. Different materials require different means of cleaning, […]

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Is Your Backsplash Trendy or Timeless?

The Kitchen Master | December 22, 2020

Being typically one of the most-used rooms in a home, a kitchen relies on a design that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They’re often used for entertaining and are needed to complete day-to-day tasks such as cooking, eating, and washing dishes. There are many avenues of design one can follow in order to achieve the […]

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Kitchen Island Inspiration

The Kitchen Master | September 2, 2020

The kitchen island can provide extra storage, counter space, a casual dining area, and a beautiful focal point in the room—as long as you implement it correctly. If you’re preparing to remodel your kitchen, plan your island design early to give it the attention it deserves. Let the following ideas inspire your upcoming project. Waterfall […]

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Financing a Kitchen Remodel in Your Naperville, IL Home

The Kitchen Master | May 28, 2020

Kitchens are the heart of many homes, frequently used for gatherings as well as the preparation of meals. Due to the multitude of uses, kitchens are a commonly selected room for a remodel. If you are interested in sprucing up your space for yourself or as a preparation to sell your house, remodeling can give […]

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