Incorporate Something Special in Your Kitchen Remodel

The Kitchen Master | August 4, 2015

As you plan your perfect custom kitchen renovation, don’t toss away the idea of including something that is strictly you, even if it’s a little bit quirky. Be aware of the overall cohesiveness of the space, but embrace the personal as well. Individual touches don’t have to make a statement. Nor should they shout their […]

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Four Amazing Kitchens Counters in the West Suburbs

The Kitchen Master | July 28, 2015

Kitchen remodels run the gamut from simple to sensational; sometimes all that is needed is a simple adjustment to instill new spirit into a perfectly good floor plan. In many cases, the counter tops are the element that makes or breaks a kitchen remodel. When a full remodel isn’t possible, replacing the counters can completely […]

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The Beauty of Well Designed Kitchen Islands

The Kitchen Master | July 14, 2015

If your current kitchen has the space for an island or you can enlarge the room, adding or expanding an island will enhance to beauty and functionality of the room. Your new island can be designed to provide almost any kind of activity and purpose. From simply adding to your counter space or storage to […]

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Modern Designs for Small Kitchens

The Kitchen Master | July 7, 2015

As the trend toward smaller homes and spaces has become more popular, getting the same impactful design in a smaller space may be challenging – or so most people think. The truth is, small kitchens can still serve up gorgeous designs. It’s all in the concept and how you put things together that makes the […]

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How You Can Benefit From Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

The Kitchen Master | June 26, 2015

When considering a kitchen remodel, taking the time to evaluate all your design options can make a difference in the amount of time needed to complete the project and can help you allocate your budget dollars. One of the best ways to improve the look of your old cabinets and save some money on your […]

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White On White: Past Favorites Return To The Kitchen

The Kitchen Master | June 9, 2015

White is the “new white” for with-it kitchens, but it’s definitely not the sterile white of operating rooms or “Grandma’s space” from a time when other choices weren’t available. Instead, today’s white is full of character; it’s fresh and appealing, and can be adapted to home styles as divergent as city loft chic, European manor […]

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Explore Inventive Kitchen Storage Options

The Kitchen Master | June 2, 2015

As kitchens become more and more established as family living and gathering spots, they lose some of their traditional “trappings.” You can eliminate standard upper and lower cabinets and still pack a lot of storage and function into drawers, lazy susans, cabinets with swing-out doors, pull-out or pop-up shelves, and tall storage cabinets. Available options […]

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Tradition and Technology Can Make Today’s Best Kitchen Remodels

The Kitchen Master | May 5, 2015

Some of the best looks in contemporary kitchen design are rooted in the tradition of “Euro style” or warehouse chic. There is something clean, fresh and satisfying about gleaming surfaces with minimal decoration, shiny smooth texture, bold use of color and line, and efficient, modern technology. If it’s juxtaposed with a nod to the past, […]

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Custom Kitchen Cabinets: The Path to Your Dream Kitchen

The Kitchen Master | April 23, 2015

You simply cannot dispute the facts: The single room in the home that most owners want to change is the kitchen. An update or remodel of the heart of the home is also a sound investment. You can expect a substantial return on the money you spend, plus the years of enjoyment you will experience […]

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Where do I begin? The first steps of kitchen planning

The Kitchen Master | April 22, 2015

Remodeling a kitchen or planning one for your new home is a big project and one that must start with careful planning. If you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen or designing a new one, step back and think about what your new kitchen will be like, why you want to remodel and what your goals […]

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