5 Innovative Kitchen Storage Solutions

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Here at The Kitchen Master, one of the most common requests we receive from homeowners is to create additional storage space. We’ve been helping solve storage challenges since 1977, and over the years, we’ve come up with a variety of solutions to hide excess “stuff” but to do so in a way that you can easily access pots, pans, kitchen appliances and other things you use on a daily basis. If you’ve been dreaming of a kitchen remodeling design that maximizes storage with clean lines, read on.

Roll-Outs and Pull-Outs

Roll-outs and pull-outs are a wonderful way to add flexibility and create more space in the kitchen. We have helped homeowners throughout Chicagoland design custom kitchen cabinets with roll-out and pull-out features of any size, location or design. Imagine being able to store multiple baking pans and sheets neatly and efficiently in a single cabinet. Just pull out a drawer and take what you need. Or instead of dragging that heavy pressure cooker or blender from a deep cabinet or high shelf, just slide out a tray and lift it with ease.

Consider roll-out and pull-out cabinets for unique storage ideas.

Illuminated Interiors

Storage is only worthwhile if you can see what’s inside. Deep cabinets with dark corners can diminish much of your available storage space. Today, built-in LED lighting can solve this issue by brightening up even the back corners of cabinets—and they can turn on and off automatically by just opening them. LED strips can also be used to illuminate spaces effortlessly and economically, making the most of even the smallest kitchens.

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Rethink Traditional Design

We love finding new ways to use traditional kitchen storage space while keeping up with current trends. For example, open kitchen layouts are increasingly popular, but can sometimes limit the number of wall cabinets. One solution is to use pedestal cabinets (base cabinets that are taller than 34-1/2”), which can also divide the room while still keeping the open floor plan.

Personalize Your Space

We know that today’s homeowners want to create storage spaces that are customized to how they use their kitchens. That’s why we never use standard “one size fits all” storage solutions. Instead, our certified kitchen designers come up with new ways to put most frequently used items at your fingertips. Looking to store large pots and pans? Consider deeper-than-average cabinets. Need lots of utensils at the ready? We can create customized drawers or multi-level storage for just about any item.

Discover new ideas for custom-made kitchens that make the most of your space while eliminating clutter.

Don’t Forget The Doors

Innovative use of cabinet door storage is a popular topic in the kitchen design and remodeling world today, with storage features sometimes integrated into the design of the cabinet door. We can install everything from hardware for hanging tools, to wide or narrow racks for frequently used pantry items. Also, consider tall pantry cabinets.

These features are back in style, and can offer plentiful storage, either in the kitchen, or moved into a neighboring butler’s pantry or mudroom.

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