Five Ways to Dress Tired Kitchen Cabinets with New Style and Appeal

The Kitchen Master | August 11, 2015

If your kitchen cabinets have served you well and still have life left in them, but they’re looking a little dowdy, there are a variety of solutions available that don’t involve starting over completely.

Explore range of options to build efficient kitchen storage space

Here are five ideas:

  1. Paint or Finish

When your old wood has lost its luster, or if you want to lighten up or add a splash of whimsy to your space, consider color. It doesn’t have to be a total commitment. Paint an island base cabinet a contrasting color; add drama by coating a tall pantry cabinet in color.

Pick a contrasting hue to add some shading in the form of a glaze to refresh cabinet doors. If you’re tired of the original color, you can add a different varnish. Add beautiful crown molding and highlight architectural features with rich color or a contrasting stain.

  1. Reface

When you want a new style — simple Shaker style perhaps or a sleek, efficient European look — consider saving the boxes that are perfectly good and replacing only the doors. Refacing your kitchen cabinets can be an economical option to redoing the entire kitchen. Look at new countertops as well to completely revitalize the look.

  1. Restyle and Restructure

If you aren’t happy with your current cabinet arrangements, you can lop off a bank of cabinets to make room for a built-in banquette. Add cabinetry that looks like freestanding furniture to provide more storage or display space.

Install pull-outs and pop-ups in base cabinets to get you off your knees and put everything you use within easy reach. Add separating dowels in deep drawers to keep plates and glasses from rattling around. You’ll love the convenience of not having to reach to upper shelves. Ask our remodeling experts about tilt-out tray options at your sink or cook top.

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  1. Get Organized

Explore the wide range of options to add efficiency and create more storage in your existing kitchen. Rethink the way you move about your kitchen and study your storage needs. You’ll find space where you least expect it.

Shuffling some functions may involve moving cabinets around, but our team will be happy to work with you to get it just right. Add a small island in wasted center-of-the-room space that isn’t used for cooking or a full-depth cabinet over your refrigerator for more storage.

  1. Show Off

Create a petite breakfast bar or planning desk. Our creative designers will be happy to point the way to some innovative ideas, such as glass cabinet doors. If you have Rookwood pottery, Depression glassware, or family heirlooms that are hidden away, show it off and enjoy it every day.

Install glass panels in upper cabinet doors to let your treasures see the light. Add recessed lighting; Throw some extra light on things with under-cabinet lighting. Take off some doors completely to put a collection of cookbooks on display.

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