Design Innovations We Love: 4 Ideas for a Kitchen Renovation

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At The Kitchen Master, we constantly are searching for innovations to make kitchen designs as modern and stylish as possible. Here, we’ve outlined four innovations for kitchen renovations. See which ones you can incorporate into your own kitchen remodeling project.

Solar Tubes

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Light is a much-coveted feature for any kitchen design. While you could add in light with lots of windows or skylights, we love another style, too: solar tubes. Solar tubes are a futuristic way to bring in a great source of natural light into your space without major construction or expense. They are somewhat similar to skylights, yet, as the name suggests, they have a long tube that filters light in. Ask your kitchen renovation team how they can use solar tubes in your existing kitchen layout. Photo: Solartube Inc.

French Double-Door Ovens

If you’re an avid cook, have a big family or entertain often, you probably already know a typical single oven doesn’t allows meet your needs. You need multiple ovens that allow you to prepare more than one item at a time. The newly designed French double-door oven could be the perfect solution.

This style of oven features two separately opening and controlled ovens. so you’ll never have to worry about running out of space for baking, roasting or broiling for large multiple item meals for the holidays or for entertainingly. The upper French doors both open when you grab just one handle making it easier to load, check on items or unload your food.

There is no need to have to reach over an awkward bottom opening door. This makes it very convenient for shorter cooks and anyone with disabilities. Talk to your home renovation team about using one of these ingenious ovens in your new kitchen.

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Countertops that Charge Your Phone


How many times have you noticed that your phone battery is running low, but you can’t find your charger? With charging countertops, you’ll never run into that issue again! With this new innovation in kitchen design, you can simply place your phone atop the countertop and wait for it to fully charge. An added bonus?

Charging countertops can even extend the battery life of your phone. Once the battery is full, the countertops’ rate of charge will automatically reduce. Charging countertops are also naturally energy efficient by design, making them an ideal choice for those homeowners who are looking to cut on electric costs. Ask your design team if this great new feature will work for you.

Storage Solutions

One of the most-requested items for home designs? Storage—and lots of it. As you work on your kitchen renovation, you’ll have plenty of options for adding innovative storage. Here are some of our favorite inventive ways you can incorporate storage into your kitchen design:

  • Add narrow special purpose pull-outs to your cabinets


  • Install a Pots and pans slide out rack in a suitable base cabinet

slide out rack

  • Hang pots and pans from the ceiling with a lighted pot rack


  • If you love red wine but don’t want to brag about it, hide those bottles in this clever wine cabinet. Photo:Wine-Logic.
Wine Cabinets

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