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As kitchens become more and more established as family living and gathering spots, they lose some of their traditional “trappings.” You can eliminate standard upper and lower cabinets and still pack a lot of storage and function into drawers, lazy susans, cabinets with swing-out doors, pull-out or pop-up shelves, and tall storage cabinets. Available options eliminate the bending and stretching and streamline your look in the process.

Think Outside the Box

Our professional kitchen designers will help you refine your storage needs by suggesting custom cabinet options that pack a wallop not only in good looks, but in creativity. Pull-out and pop-up shelves that transform a base cabinet into a baking center are the ultimate in efficiency, but keep the mixer and mixing bowls neatly together and hidden. Add-on and insert options are available for everything from canned goods to produce, from silverware to specialty utensils.

Dishes and glasses can be stowed nicely in drawers, separated by vertical dowels to prevent sliding and rattling. Our consultants can offer advice about slide-out shelving, multi-hinged doors that incorporate storage racks, and specialty drawers that accommodate everything from cast iron cookware to Fido’s feeding station. House coffee makers, juicers, blenders, toasters and can openers in their own “garages.” Clean up and recycling become easier when trash cans and bins are grouped together and out of sight. Under-counter refrigerator drawers even bring drinks and salad makings to point-of-use locations.
Pull-out and pop-up shelves

Show Off

If you’d rather not play “hide and seek,” consider some open shelving for frequently used items: glasses and mugs near the sink; spices and stoneware pitchers full of utensils near the cook top. Baskets can be used to stow towels, place mats and napkins, cookbooks and cutting boards, or to corral lunchbox treats and sandwich-making supplies. Put decorative serving pieces on display behind glass doors. Just remember that if you choose to keep kitchen items in the open, you must keep them neat. Clutter is not a style trend.

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An efficient and highly attractive kitchen addition is a tall cabinet or armoire; narrow shelves can be used as a food pantry or to allow easy access to china with no unnecessary lifting and stretching. Even an entire wall will not “overpower” most kitchens. Think of it as a modern-age “butler’s pantry” and modify the look to suit your needs.


Streamline the Space

Open floor plans call for kitchens to put on a pretty face; no longer are small appliances lined up on counters like soldiers ready for action. Multiple centers for preparation, snacking and cleanup are common. The kitchen must be ready to perform as home office or homework center and social arena and still must accommodate a variety of cooks if it is to serve a modern family. The need for attractive storage has never been greater. Neither have the solutions.

If you would like to explore ideas with The Kitchen Master’s design team, just contact us to schedule a time. With more than 40 years of experience, we’ll help you bring your Chicago area kitchen into the 21st Century.

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