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If a gourmet helping of heart of the home style and convenience is what sets your heart aflutter, then you might want to layer on the luxury in your kitchen. You’ll find plenty of available options in appliances, cabinetry, materials and design, whether you want a contemporary dazzler or a traditionally detailed show stopper.

Here’s what to consider when planning a luxury kitchen remodel:

Luxury Kitchens Are All About Materials

It has been said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

But luxury is very often defined by the materials. So, if you’re looking for a kitchen design that oozes upscale appeal, you’ll want to pull the stops out of the budget and choose your options carefully. There’s a reason high-end appliances, materials and finishes cost more than the run-of-the mill. It’s all in the detail, the performance and the lasting appeal.

But, if you have the will to go for the gold, and a budget that will allow it, you will be able to satisfy your every desire for beauty, function, and longevity.

Luxury Kitchen Floor Plans are Critical

Kitchens are personal spaces. Define your needs; analyze what works for you and your family. Kitchen floor plans that open to living spaces are great — for some people. But, if you host a number of catered dinners, you will most likely want a more self-contained kitchen, perhaps with a room-size pantry, a convenient butler’s pantry and oversize refrigerators and freezers.

Alternatively, if your kitchen is the neighborhood teenage meeting and study destination, consider a beverage center with its own under counter fridge, icemaker, and snack center, complete with sandwich counter and separate microwave for pizzas and popcorn.

Luxury kitchens need not be huge, but they must be well-planned and perfectly proportioned to serve their users.

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Select Appropriate Materials for Your Luxury Kitchen

There are no style rules that preclude luxury finishes in casual settings, even though traditional and contemporary kitchens are frequently thought of as the “haute couture” of kitchen style. But if French Provincial, British Colonial or European are not your cup of tea, feel free to strut your Swedish soul or to mix reclaimed and salvaged materials with space-age technology to capture the kitchen spirit of your dreams

There are no rules. If you really don’t spend much time in the kitchen, but you want a fantastic, art-filled setting in which to share Chinese takeout with friends, concentrate on the artistic appeal of your space and opt for impressive countertop materials, zingy colors and finishes and the best of programmable ovens and dishwashers. If, on the other hand, your idea of heaven is chopping and readying the ingredients for a make-at-home Asian dinner, including the sushi, be sure to select built in steamers and wok centers, chopping blocks and solid surface counters, and a variety of work and storage centers so that all the cooks have designated prep areas.

Create the Perfect Kitchen

Your kitchen is a place of dreams, and our certified designers at The Kitchen Master love helping clients realize those dreams. We will help you hone your selections — from basic floor plan to the perfect flooring, from cabinets to cabinet hardware, from natural light to ambient lighting, and from counter height to countertops.

We have extensive experience helping western suburban homeowners update their kitchens or build new additions, and we have the expertise to take your luxury kitchen from the drawing board to the certificate of occupancy.

If a luxury kitchen is in your future, or if your budget only allows for a cosmetic redo, we will help you find the right path. Contact us to schedule an appointment. We’ll be happy to meet you at our Naperville showroom, or we’ll make a “house call” at your western suburban home.

Luxury Kitchens to Love

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