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A normal lament is that there is never enough storage space in a kitchen. If that’s your song as well, why not explore some innovative ways to create more space and improve the look and function of your room as well?

It’s easier than you may think.

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

If your kitchen is small, you can still find creative ways to store the items you use regularly and put them on display at the same time. Gather up some baskets and place them in open view on the counter to corral items that you use every day. Fill a basket up with fresh apples and oranges for hungry kids. Use an old crock for wooden spoons and cooking utensils.

Fill a small wooden container with the spices you regularly reach for; hang it on the wall or place it on the counter near your cooktop. You save yourself trips to the pantry and won’t have to rummage through closed drawers. Span a window with glass shelves: You can display decorative items, grow fresh herbs, or have a handy spot to store (and show off) attractive pitchers, bowls or vases.


Make Use of Wall Space

Whether you cut into a wall to add shelving, or use wall surface to hang things from, don’t overlook any unused wall. Kitchen storage racks are available in a variety of sizes and types, allowing you to hang utensils, pots and pans, lids, towels and aprons, or a variety of other small items.

If you embrace a kind of “industrial kitchen” decor, you might even consider narrow shelving where you can store bottles of oil and vinegar, clear containers of rice, beans and pasta, even decorative canned goods and spices. The ever-changing display will be like art in your kitchen.

Install narrow open shelves or add a tall armoire to serve as a storage cabinet if you have sufficient depth. Create a “working wall” by hanging a swath of pegboard along with a section of whiteboard (or cork, or magnetic surface) to serve as a kitchen “command center” and message board.

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Find Space at Counter Ends

The often wasted ends of base cabinets are the perfect location for a small freestanding cabinet, wine rack, small bookcase, or even a tiny desk area. How about an electronic device charging station, something all too necessary in today’s digital world.

While not exactly adding needed storage, that counter end could also provide space for a custom-designed bench/step stool to allow easy access to upper shelves or over-the-refrigerator storage.

Look Up With a Full Wall Storage

If your existing kitchen is seriously short on storage, abandon traditional kitchen design and think about adding an entire wall of storage. You’ll give up some counter space, but the gain in terms of storage may more than compensate for the loss. Design shelving to hold everything from turkey roasters to fine china, or from baking pans to picnic baskets.

As an option, install a wall of tall pantry cabinets, or check on pull-out pantry options.

When you work with one of our certified kitchen designers to plan your renovation, you can be sure we’ll have other kitchen storage ideas for you to consider. Contact us to see just how creative we can be.

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