5 Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2024

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Each year, new trends and styles emerge within the kitchen remodeling landscape, and 2024 is already making a splash with chic and intriguing design choices that will leave your culinary space more beautiful and functional than ever before. Read up on the latest kitchen remodeling trends for 2024 below from the National Kitchen & Bath Association to get inspired for your upcoming remodeling project!

1. Beverage Stations

In a recent survey from the NKBA, a whopping 60% of respondents showed interest in adding a beverage station to their culinary space. From coffee bars and smoothie centers to wine storage, the need for a designated beverage preparation area is a clear winner for those planning to remodel their kitchens in the new year.

When crafting your ideal beverage station, it’s best to have a small alcove carved out into the design layout for your kitchen. Consider including:

  • A mini fridge
  • Designated countertop
  • Separate sink
  • Storage for drink accessories

2. Layered Lighting

Layered lighting has become increasingly popular as homeowners strive to create well-lit and balanced kitchen spaces. Simply put, layered lighting means adding multiple different types of light fixtures throughout the space to add ambiance and functionality to your kitchen. From ambient and decorative light fixtures to task lighting and under-cabinet illumination, kitchen remodelers are getting increasingly creative when it comes to lighting design.

As homeowners look to embrace the layered lighting trend, they may want to keep an eye out for fixtures equipped with special features, such as motion sensors, voice activation, and programmability, as these will help increase their resale value as prospective buyers seek out innovative technologies. Additionally, consider choosing fixtures with gold, brass, or copper colors as 54% of NKBA respondents indicated a preference for these lighting looks.

3. Minimalist Layouts

When developing a solid kitchen design, timelessness is the name of the game, and the minimalist design trend is here to stay for the long-term. A minimalist layout is one that discourages clutter and features unique elements such as:

  • Ample pantry space to prevent counter clutter
  • Easy-to-clean countertops
  • Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry
  • Grout-free flooring
  • Push-to-open cabinets and appliances

Each of these features helps promote a cleaner, more organized workspace that cuts down on chores and enables easier maintenance.

4. Optimized Storage

According to the NKBA survey for 2024 kitchen remodeling trends, 50% of respondents are looking for optimized storage solutions. Walk-in, butler, and built-in pantries are among the top requests for those planning to reimagine their culinary spaces, with 37% of homeowners desiring cabinets with customizable dividers and partitions to accommodate their storage needs.

5. Quartz Countertops

It seems to be unanimous that quartz countertops are in-style when it comes to kitchen remodeling. An impressive 73% of NKBA respondents voted quartz as their favorite countertop material, citing quartzite, granite, sintered stone, and marble as close runners-up.

Why has quartz become such a popular countertop material? The answer is simple:

  • Quartz countertops are easier to clean
  • Their non-porous surface won’t harbor bacteria or viruses, making them more hygienic than other countertop materials
  • They are heat and stain resistant
  • They offer a clean, consistent appearance
  • They’re available in many different colors and patterns

Build Your Dream Kitchen in 2024 With Help From The Kitchen Master!

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