6 Sure Signs You’re Due for a Bathroom Renovation

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Pay attention to early warning signs that your bathroom isn’t serving your needs, so you won’t be shocked by the sudden realization that you need an immediate intervention. Bathroom shortcomings can sometimes be disguised and minimized with creative solutions, and cosmetic adjustments can alleviate the dowdiness that comes with age.

Years of constant use and wear can take a toll on your bathroom, your budget, and even your sanity. Don’t let it get to that point. Here are some signs you may want to consider a bathroom remodel.

It’s Time to Renovate your Bathroom

6 Signs It’s Time to Make a Change

1. Stains, cracked tile, peeling paint, and missing grout. Seemingly minor problems can lead to—or be signs of—water leaks, mold and mildew growth, corrosion, and structural damage. Ignoring such warning signs compounds the problems and can prove very costly to repair later.

2. Leaky faucets, toilets that run, mysterious sounds of water running, or unexplained high water bills. Not all leaks are visible. Water can be troublesome if it drips, leaks, or causes unsightly buildup. Extremely hard water can damage water lines as well, sometimes slowing flow or leading to pipe failure. Fittings loosen or break, and leaks can be hidden inside walls and floors. Professional investigation and diagnosis is sometimes needed and can often prevent a flood or major damage.

3. Lingering odors and heavy humidity. If your bathroom doesn’t pass the sniff test, or if it regularly feels like a sauna, your exhaust fan may not be functioning properly. Every bath should have an efficient way to eliminate odors and humidity.

4. The locker room syndrome. You should love your bathroom and want to spend time in it! If you find yourself using the bath primarily as a storage room for dirty socks and wet towels, it probably is due for a makeover. Bathrooms ought to be clean, fresh, and attractive spaces. Not sure where to start? Let our professional bathroom designers help you with that concept. Whether you need individualized grooming stations for active teens, a modern bath suitable for guest use, more storage, stylish cabinets, or easy-care materials, we can help you achieve your goals with a bathroom remodel.

5. Outdated or unattractive design. Some baths haven’t aged well. Others were attractive in their day, but their prime has passed. The Kitchen Master can help you fast forward to a master retreat that incorporates upscale fixtures and the latest features, or we will suggest ways to take your space from functional to fabulous with a cosmetic redo. It’s your choice. Best of all, we work with you every step of the way, whether your project involves simply updating cabinets and tile or a major expansion and new construction. As full-service design-build specialists, we keep tabs on the latest trends and seek solutions that meet your aesthetic and budgetary requirements.

6. Lack of usable space. Even though period bathrooms can be charming, sometimes they don’t mesh with modern lifestyles. If you need more space, better lighting, a separate shower, a garden view, dual vanities, more cabinet space, a soaking tub, or anything else to rekindle your love for your bathroom, call on us for ideas. We’ll try to carve space out of a closet or adjacent room or help you plan an expansion into your yard.

Start bathroom renovations when its deteriorating

Remodeling a house can be overwhelming, but you don’t want to ignore the warning signs of bathroom dissatisfaction. Visit our convenient showroom in Naperville for bathroom remodeling ideas, or call us at (630) 369-0500 (630) 369-0500 to schedule a free consultation.

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