The Advantages of Working with Certified Bathroom Designers

The Kitchen Master | November 12, 2014

Certified bathroom designers can create high-quality renovation work with exceptional style.

Bathrooms are spaces that should be warm, comforting and relaxing—yet creating this dream space with a remodeling project may be a bit of a challenge for anyone. To alleviate the stress and time-consuming work associated with bathroom renovations, many homeowners choose to have certified bathroom designers on the remodeling work.

A team of bathroom renovation specialists can help you plan out your remodeling work, acquire the materials needed, and complete the project with professional skill—all in a shorter amount of time than it would take you to do it on your own, and with leading style.

Examine some of the benefits of working with a team of certified bathroom designers, as well as what you should look for in a bathroom remodeling firm and what to expect throughout the process.

Advantages of Working with Certified Bathroom Designers

Working with certified designers can provide a variety of benefits to your bathroom renovation process, including the following:

Quicker Project Completion

When trying to renovate your bathroom on your own, you may quickly realize the project will take much longer than you initially planned. This could be especially true if you have a demanding work schedule or family obligations. A team of certified bathroom designers will make your remodeling project their priority, and because they will have the years of experience in their craft, they can produce high-quality renovation work in a reduced amount of time.

Improved Safety

Bathroom remodeling projects can unsafe if not completed correctly. Removing cabinets or rewiring lighting fixtures can be a dangerous process if you don’t have the proper electrical experience. Certified bathroom designers will know the safest and most effective way to make structural changes to your space—and ensure everything continues to work long after the renovation project is complete.

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Dedicated Support

One of the biggest disadvantages of DIY bathroom remodeling work is the lack of assistance you receive after the project reaches completion. Say you decide to renovate your bathroom and everything seems fine. However, a few weeks later, tiles may come loose or water and plumbing systems may stop working as needed. If you completed the project on your own, you will have no support and may end up needing to call a repair team. Certified bathroom designers can help alleviate this problem.

Things to Discuss with Your Certified Bathroom Designers

Making sure you choose the best design team for your needs is important. You can do this by looking at a firm’s website, asking for references and examples of their work, asking what their suppliers are, and making sure that you share a similar viewpoint of what you want your space to look like. Once you’ve chosen your team of certified designers for your bathroom renovation, you’ll go through a process that generally contains the following steps:

Discuss the Project

To begin your project, you will want to have to conversations with your team of certified bathroom designers: one via phone and one during your in-person consultation. This will give you and your team time to discuss and mull over various ideas you both have in mind for the space. During the consultation meeting, you may also want to discuss other factors, like your budget or aesthetic preferences.

Design Plans

Next, your bathroom design team will create the blueprint for your space. This will include structural and design goals, as well as potential materials and an estimated cost.

Modify as Necessary

When your team of certified bathroom designers presents you with your renovation design plans, you may want to make small tweaks or larger changes. Even if you need to have multiple meetings to discuss your changes, your team will be glad to hear your ideas to create the bathroom design you’ve been envisioning.

Obtain Materials and Begin the Process

Once you’ve signed off on the design plans, now your bathroom designers can get to work. They’ll order materials from leading suppliers and then get to work on the actual construction. During this whole time, they’ll make the process as distraction-free as possible so you can go about your everyday activities in the rest of your home.

Make Sure You’re Satisfied with the Work

After your team finalizes the project, they will check in with you to make sure you’re happy with the final work. If not, the right team will go back in to make the changes you have in mind until you’re completely satisfied.

Have any additional questions about why choosing certified timeless bathroom designers can be beneficial to you, as well as what you can expect during the remodeling process? Get in touch with the Kitchen Master team today.

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