Bathroom Shower Ideas for 2019

The Kitchen Master | April 25, 2019

If you want to create a luxurious feeling in your home, the bathroom is one of the most important areas to focus on. Is a bathroom renovation in the works for 2019? If so, consider these ideas to make your shower the stylish centerpiece of the bathroom.

Open Shower

Gone are the days of worrying about tripping over the side of the tub as you step into the shower. You also shouldn’t have to worry about knocking your elbows on the wall when you lather your hair. With a curbless stall and ample space to move around, showering can become a truly luxurious experience in 2019. Just make sure you consult with a design expert about sloping the floor for proper drainage.

Dual Showerheads

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Whether you and your partner have different showering preferences or you just want water coming from all angles, dual showerheads get the job done. You might install a showerhead on either end of an oversized stall or include a handheld sprayer to make it easy to rinse off your feet or even just wash your hair when you don’t want to take a full shower.

Smart Showers

2019 is ushering in an unprecedented number of “smart” shower installations. This can include showerheads that turn on and change temperature with a voice command; overhead LED lights that brighten and dim at your command; and Bluetooth speakers and audio systems built right into the wall. Now that technology has finally caught up with our imaginations, the possibilities are endless!

Curved Shower Doors

Who says you have to choose between a square shower and a rectangular one? A designer can fabricate a shower stall in any shape you want, including one with mesmerizing curved glass doors. You’ll never look at your shower the same way again.

Bold Tile Patterns

Fiberglass tub surrounds are nowhere to be seen in stylish bathrooms of 2019. Taking their place are beautiful tile designs, including hand-laid mosaics, Moroccan fish scales, and chevron patterns in bold colors and enticing textures. Put tile accents wherever you want them—on the walls, in carved-out niches, and even on the ceiling as a unique accent. River rock shower floors also provide a luxurious sensation underfoot that gives the feeling of showering under a waterfall.

Tinted Glass

Create a unique look in your bathroom—and create the sensation of being underwater—by installing blue-tinted glass shower doors. Of course, you can opt for any color tint you want, but blue works well if you’re hoping to emphasize the element of water in your bathroom.


Imagine being able to look up at the sky and watch the clouds drift by as you lather and rinse. If skylights aren’t an option, consider a sun tube or window set high on the wall above the shower. Having natural light in the bathroom helps to stimulate your mind and start your day with more energy.

Your Shower as a Centerpiece

So many people squeeze their showers into the back corner of the bathroom, but that’s not the only option. Position your shower stall front and center to make it the focal point. You’ll find it invigorating to have a view of the entire bathroom as you bask under the warm stream of your rainfall showerhead.

Make Your Bathroom Shower Ideas a Reality

If you’ve been considering a bathroom remodel for a while, make 2019 the year you pull the trigger. The design experts at The Kitchen Master would be happy to show you more inspirational ideas at our showroom or in your home.

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