Designing a Master Bathroom for Two

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If you hold a vision in your mind of the perfect bathroom, chances are it includes some luxury features as well as the standard grooming necessities.

But if you’re designing a bathroom to share with another person, you might have varying needs to consider. Privacy as well as storage, visual appeal in addition to function can be stumbling blocks in the design process.

Creating a great master bath is not simply a matter of doubling the space or adding a second vanity. It involves additional planning and a lot of thought to assure that the physical space is adequate, and to also make the bathing and grooming experience pleasant for two people with different needs and personalities.


Privacy is a given. In a room designed for two, house the toilet in its own alcove, hide it behind a half wall or locate it in a separate cubicle with its own door. In a really upscale joint bathroom, you might consider separate toilets as well as separate vanities.

Grooming Space

Dual lavatories are wonderful, but a pair of pedestal sinks can be stunning. Design what works for you. Consider wall-hung hair dryers and make-up mirrors, much like modern hotel rooms. Install open shelves if you want a minimalist, European look. Add a separate linen cabinet to hold extra towels and supplies as well as all the handy personal items that you want close at hand.

If you opt for separate vanities or one long expanse of cabinet, you might raise the height of one or both to be easier on the back. Add a sit-down grooming station, with a magnifying mirror if makes sense for the way you live.


Bathing vs. Showering

Large showers are very hot. If that’s your dream, investigate multiple showerheads, body sprays and rain showers. However, if a long soak is your idea of heaven, consider a freestanding tub in front of a window or a deep soaking tub rather than a shallow standard tub installation. Set it in its own alcove and it will become the focal point of the space.

Curbless walk in shower with garden tub and open glass door the kitchen master

Efficiency and Beauty

The contemporary master bath is equal parts style and function. It can be a romantic oasis, or a no-nonsense space, depending on the features you include and on the way you live. Either way, your bath should reflect your lifestyle. Whether it becomes a dressing room, a spa, a retreat or an exercise room is totally up to you. For the ultimate in efficient luxury, think about including a handy coffee bar with microwave to get you off to an efficient start each morning. Make room for an exercise bicycle or a yoga mat.

Something Extra

If you want to end your day with some quiet time to yourself, include in your master bath the special features that appeal to you alone. Add a television or sound system if that’s your “thing.” Install a glamorous chandelier and add an upholstered chaise so you can close your eyes, breathe deeply and dream.

Remember that it’s your personal space and that as long as it suits the two of you, it’s exactly the way it ought to be!

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