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Think of the best hotel experience you’ve ever had: Sparkling marble, a basket of sample grooming aids, fluffy robe and complimentary shower scuffs. If you’ve had that kind of memorable experience, why not cater to guests in your own home the same way? It’s easy to provide for those quality extras if you think about ideas prior to embarking on a bathroom renovation.

Plan to Pamper Your Guests

All it takes is a little forethought, and a bit of focus on the details. If you’re planning a remodel project, now is the time to incorporate some of those stellar ideas. Even if you’re remodeling a bath that will be used mostly by family, it’s nice to have a selection of personalized grooming products at hand, and a supply of lush “thirsty” and absorbent terry towels!

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Hang or stack those towels for convenient use, and provide a large basket or wicker hamper for the used ones. Install wall hooks for guest robes.

Capture the aura of that luxury hotel — decor and fixtures are important; but it’s actually the thought behind the setting that will lift any guest bath out of the ordinary, and create a memorable experience!

7 Ways to Make a Guest Bath Special

  • As you plan your bath renovation, select the best quality and style fixtures and materials that your budget will allow. Stick with classic forms and sparkling white porcelain. That kind of European chic is timeless and always stylish! There’s no match for pristine white, Carrara marble and shiny chrome; they are classic and appropriate whether your decor is period traditional or trendy modern. They are not the only choices, however. Dark wood and deep green granite can be every bit as elegant.
  • Keep the floor plan simple; size of the space is less important than function. Do include storage, whether it’s a freestanding armoire, a vanity cabinet or a small closet. If there is room, add a small bench or stool near the tub.
  • If you’re adding a new shower, if possible, make it curb-free, with a frameless clear glass door. Install a flexible shower head on a slide bar to make adjustments easy. Add convenient “cubbies” or a small bench with an adjacent niche, and provide a functional grab bar as well.
  • Plan adequate lighting: A ceiling fixture or small chandelier is a nice touch. Install a lensed, recessed fixture over the tub or in the shower; add proper lighting for applying makeup and shaving. Include some sort of night light. Instead of a plug-in, consider a lighted toilet seat, baseboard strip lighting or a lighted mirror to provide a soft glow in the darkness.
  • An opening window is a bonus, but if there is no window be sure there is ventilation equal to the task of removing odors and humidity efficiently. Modern vent fans are quiet and effective, and you might also consider one with a heat lamp for ultimate luxury.
  • Add hotel touches like a wall-mounted hairdryer if you want to offer guests the complete spa experience. Prominently display a small basket full of sample-size shampoos and conditioners, scented bath gels, various liquid soaps, lotions and powders, and toothpaste choices. Stock up on toothbrushes, disposable razors, band aids, tissues and toilet paper, and make sure your guests know they are available for their use.
  • Finally, don’t forget the pretty: Fill apothecary jars with cotton balls and Q-tips. Supply antique crystal glasses on a tray; add a carafe of ice water when guests arrive. Set silver mugs on the vanity to hold toothbrushes and toothpaste, and place a small tray for watches and jewelry.

For other welcoming ideas, as well as for renovation and space planning advice, schedule an appointment with one of the certified bathroom designers at The Kitchen Master. We’ll set you on the path to treating your guests royally!

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