Cabinet Updates for a Glam Look

The Kitchen Master | December 28, 2016

If your kitchen cabinets are looking a little tired, why not restyle them to look younger and more glamorous? It’s easy, and it doesn’t have to involve a total kitchen redo. Be creative and think about the effects! Here are a handful of ways to brighten the look, create drama, and go easy on the budget as well.

Lighten Up

One surefire way to bring your kitchen cabinets out of the shadows is to add light to the interiors. Replace some solid doors with glass panels — or remove a few doors completely and fill open shelving with collectibles or heirloom china. Add spot lighting as needed and enjoy the updated appearance as well as the new convenience.

Change the Hardware

Add visual appeal by choosing one hardware style for drawer pulls and a second, complementary style for door handles. Select a few artistic pulls for select spots in your kitchen just for the fun of it. Choose modern art pulls for a sophisticated, modern kitchen; use stylized human figures or pick knives, forks and spoons to graphically display drawer contents. Choose from colorful glass, leather or ceramic handles to add interest to wood or painted cabinets. Add hand forged iron pulls, handles and hooks for a rustic look in a country kitchen.

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Decorate with Trim

Embellish drab slab cabinet doors to simulate expensive-looking paneled cabinets. Top plain Jane cabinets with ornate crown moulding for a custom touch. Paint the trim a contrasting color, or repaint cabinets to refresh your entire kitchen. Alternately, if you currently have simple framed cabinet doors, consider painting the panel a contrasting color. Or check out the upscale appeal of a new paint job that features a peeled paint or crackle finish.

Mix and Match

One of the more glamorous ideas for updated kitchens is the mismatched look. While it’s common to see islands that look like pieces of furniture, it’s also increasingly popular for home owners to choose upper cabinets that don’t match base cabinets. Whether they simply sport a different stain or paint color or are totally different in design, it’s another way to personalize a kitchen and raise the temperature in terms of style. You might also want to incorporate a piece of furniture — perhaps an antique hutch — into a thoroughly modern kitchen.

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Adapt, Reuse, Recycle

Move in functional storage cabinets from another time or space. If you have, for instance, a built-in china cabinet in a corner of your dining room, try to find space for it as a “signature piece” in your remodeled kitchen. Or bring a sleek wall-hung storage unit from an office or garage to add glitz and glamor in a traditional kitchen — you might even want to paint it a bright enamel to call attention to it in no uncertain terms.

Make It Your Own

There is no doubt that the best kitchens cater to individual needs. For a family kitchen that is glamorous enough for guests while still serving as the heart of your home, simply add those elements that make you smile. Don’t worry about the “rules.” If you’d like to explore some of the most popular kitchen trends, why not schedule an appointment with one of the certified kitchen designers at The Kitchen Master.

Whether you’re planning a major kitchen remodel or just want to add some new appeal to your space, we’d love to review your ideas, help show you what’s possible and work with you to get the look you want. Why not contact us right now?

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