KitchenAid Zeros in on Trendy for Modern Kitchens

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KitchenAid is known for its attention to detail, its extensive line of small appliances, its smashingly attractive mixer colors, and its ability to respond to homeowner desires for kitchen appliances that look great and perform well.

For 2016, KitchenAid has done it again: It’s a case of introducing the unexpected and the more-is-better approach. If you’re looking to add new appliances or remodel your kitchen, these new appliances may be a perfect fit.

black stainless steel kitchenaid refrigerator with three drawers the kitchen master
Photo Courtesy of KitchenAid.

Fade to Black

The unexpected is a new focus on black after a decades-long infatuation with stainless steel. Even though stainless is still a major player, and destined to remain so, there is new interest in some unique options. KitchenAid promotes its Black Stainless as a bold color. Indeed, it has the kind of appeal that many buyers will find hard to resist. In addition, you can mix it in — a few appliances at a time, perhaps — with your existing stainless or black appliances, and your kitchen won’t look as if it was filled with cast-offs or hand-me-downs.

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The finish is sophisticated, resists fingerprints and streaking, blends well with a broad spectrum of decor from sleek and shiny to reclaimed and rustic, and is available across the whole line of major appliances. We suspect the company will add the black stainless option to select small appliances as well.

The color has already gained the seal of approval from national design professionals and was the choice for the 2015 House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year in New Orleans. It features a stunning mix of materials, with many ideas that you can use to fuel your imagination if you’re planning to begin a kitchen renovation.

black kitchenaid stainless steel set the kitchen master kitchen remodeling
Photo Courtesy of KitchenAid.

Five-Door Fridge

It’s a style statement for sure! But this brand new door configuration delivers convenience, energy efficiency and trend-setting good looks. KitchenAid recently introduced the first 5-door refrigerator on the market. Why, you ask? According to the company, it’s the latest bright idea that offers maximum storage capability, yet allows you to access smaller compartments without letting all the cold air out.

The French door upper section can handle pizzas, large trays and bulky items with ease; but if you plan your storage properly, you only have to open one door for most common needs. In addition, the smaller doors mean more efficiency in terms of kitchen planning and aisle width.

The bottom freezer drawer features pull-out ease, with three storage levels, eliminating the need to shift and dig to find items on the bottom. Two new drawers occupy the mid-section of the refrigerator, featuring a horizontal tier of crisper/produce/adaptable use coolers that allow one-at-a-time access to fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, soft drinks and other small items. They are contained at a handy level, with adjustable temperature and humidity controls for maximum flexibility.

Picking What Works for You

This year’s new products from various manufacturers introduce a whole new dimension of possibility in kitchen style and design. If 2016 is your year for a new kitchen or a single new appliance, why not plan to visit the Kitchen Master’s 4,000 square foot showroom for ideas and advice? We have a lot of experience helping residents of the Western suburbs express themselves. Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our design pros, and we’ll show you the way to the kitchen of your dreams.

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