Which Kitchen Cabinet Colors Are Timeless?

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What feature catches your eye first when you walk into the kitchen? The answer is probably your cabinets, simply because they occupy so much wall space. Do you like the current cabinet color or finish? If not, it’s time to make a change.

Choosing cabinet colors requires finding the right balance between trendy and timeless. After all, you want to like the color for the long-term while still acknowledging the current trends.

While this guide can steer you in the right direction, choosing a color that suits your personal preference is the most important consideration, especially if you don’t plan on moving anytime soon.

Timeless Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Two-tone and contrasting cabinets are a timeless way to add visual interest to any kitchen. You can install wall cabinets in one color and an island in a contrasting hue or choose one color for the lower cabinets and another for the upper cabinets. Just remember to follow the best practice of installing the darker color on the bottom to avoid creating a top-heavy look.

When it comes to choosing your cabinet colors, you can’t go wrong with the classics:

White Kitchen Cabinets

White is the most timeless cabinet color of all, with popularity dating back over half a century. It’s hard to beat the crisp, clean beauty of bright white cabinets. They lighten the entire room and lend a refreshing, airy feel.

If you’re worried about your cabinets showing dust or grime, off-white and cream are equally timeless colors that may appeal to you.

Kitchen with white cabinets, hooded vent, tile backsplash, and glass cabinets


Black Kitchen Cabinets

Inky black is another timeless color option most appropriate in kitchens with contemporary design elements. Painted wood may have a matte or semi-gloss finish, while modern acrylic cabinets often have a high-gloss look.

Consider that black cabinets pair best with light-colored countertops and walls, which prevent the space from feeling too dark or confining.


All black kitchen with an extended island including sink in a minimalist modern condo

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Luxury kitchen with grey cabinetry and glass pendant lights over a large white stone island

Gray is ultimately timeless, but the color is also trendy right now. Many people think gray looks less sterile than white but not as harsh as black.

Create the most relaxing, tranquil look by combining slate or charcoal gray cabinets with natural stone countertops.

Stained Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Full-wall brown cabinets & drawers bordering a double over and microwave installation

Who says painted cabinets are the only timeless option? Stained wood allows the natural grain to shine through for a gorgeous appearance.

Just be careful about the wood and stain you choose. For instance, oak is very 1990s. A light beech, warm cherry, or dark walnut in a suitable stain should lend a timeless look to your kitchen. Bamboo is another excellent choice for modern kitchens, and hickory has a rustic aesthetic.

Functional Features of a Timeless Kitchen

New brown oakwood cabinets with pullout cabinets filled with pantry items next to double ovenGrey cabinet installation including glass door wine cooler, wine glasses & alcohol on shelving

Along with being the right color, timeless cabinets offer functional features that make it a joy to work in your kitchen every day. Here are some ideas you may want to incorporate into your kitchen remodel:

Update Your Cabinets With The Kitchen Master

By choosing one of these timeless cabinet colors, your kitchen will outlast the trends that come and go. Whether you want to focus only on your cabinets or you’re ready for a complete kitchen remodel, you can breathe new life into your kitchen with a new kitchen cabinet color.

The Kitchen Master can help you replace or reface your cabinets for a fresh look, depending on your budget and the condition of your existing cabinetry.

Give you kitchen the breath of fresh air it needs! Using this guide, you’re ready to choose the best kitchen cabinet colors for you. If you have any questions or are ready to get started, contact The Kitchen Master online or call (630) 369-0500 to talk to one of our design professionals today!

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