What Colors of Kitchen Cabinets Are Timeless?

The Kitchen Master | March 26, 2019

When you renovate your kitchen, you want the new design to stand the test of time. After all, it would be a shame if the cabinets you chose today became obsolete in a few short years. Here are some timeless kitchen cabinet colors and designs that will serve you well for decades to come.

Timeless Kitchen Cabinet Colors

As the most dominant feature of any kitchen, the cabinets define the aesthetic and functionality of the space. Here are some colors to consider when renovating your kitchen:

White Cabinets

For a clean, elegant look, nothing beats white or cream-colored kitchen cabinets.

timeless white kitchen cabinets from The Kitchen Master

Black Kitchen Cabinets

It may be the exact opposite, but inky black is a timeless kitchen cabinet color as well, especially if the overall kitchen design leans in the contemporary direction.

timeless black kitchen cabinets from the kitchen master

Two-Tone Cabinets

The contrast of using light and dark cabinets in the same kitchen creates a luxurious appearance. Black and white is a classic color combination that produces a tuxedo effect. Just remember, to prevent making the kitchen feel top-heavy, install dark lower cabinets and light upper cabinets.

timeless two tone kitchen cabinets from the kitchen master

two-tone cabinets, timeless kitchen cabinets

Natural Wood Cabinets

Cabinetry doesn’t need to be painted to have a timeless look. Stained wood allows the natural grain to shine through for a gorgeous appearance. Both light and dark wood are viable options, depending on your personal preference and kitchen floor color, but the safest bet is somewhere in the middle.

Contrasting Counter Colors

If you have dark cabinetry, consider putting in a light countertop to create contrast. This has an even more profound effect if the floor is a light color, too.

contrasting countertops, timeless kitchen cabinet colors

Timeless Kitchen Cabinet Designs

The color might be the first thing you notice about kitchen cabinets, but much more goes into the design than this. Here are some key elements you might want to incorporate into your kitchen cabinet design:

  • the kitchen master renovated kitchen cabinetry pull out cabinets for pantry items oakwood cabinetsTransitional details: Subtle door and drawer front detailing along with geometric hardware create a distinctly transitional look. This style has a timeless quality because it lands somewhere between traditional and modern, allowing it to stand the test of time.
  • Pull-out shelves: Convenience and ease of use are always in style! If you’re replacing your cabinets, consider choosing those with pull-out shelves to maximize storage space. You’ll love this feature, and it puts your kitchen a step above the rest if you ever decide to sell your home.
  • Mirrored and glass cabinet doors: Make any space feel larger by adding mirrors, including on kitchen cabinet doors. Similarly, glass-paneled cabinets are timeless because they give the homeowner a chance to show off beautiful dishware. Glass and mirrored cabinets also have a lighter visual weight, which can be useful when you have an entire wall lined with cabinetry.
  • Kitchen island: Added counter space and storage will never go out of fashion. An overhang that allows for extra seating heightens the entertainment value of the kitchen as well, making it a gathering place rather than purely a work station for preparing food.
  • Under-cabinet lighting: Make it easier to read your cookbook by installing task lighting under the upper cabinets. This task lighting also comes in handy as a nightlight if you need to sneak into the kitchen for a midnight snack.

Need Help Choosing the Right Cabinet Color for Your Naperville Kitchen?

under-cabinet lighting

With these timeless cabinet colors and designs, your kitchen renovation will outlast the trends that come and go for a fresh look that lasts many years. If you’re ready to get your project started, or you need more ideas to bring your vision to life, please contact The Kitchen Master in Naperville today.

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