10 Questions to Ask About Your Current Kitchen

The Kitchen Master | September 20, 2017

Wishful thinking precedes every remodel: “I wish I had a second oven” or “Wouldn’t an under-counter refrigerator be fun?” Perhaps your wish list includes storage space for antique tea sets and vintage silver. Or do you really want a comfortable reading chair and a kitchen fireplace?

If you’re planning a kitchen redo, don’t put aside those wishes! First, though ask yourself some serious questions:

1. What Is My Style?

Your personal style defines how your kitchen functions, and how you relate to the work space. Are you a lone cook who can prepare masterpiece meals in a hurry or do you spend hours in the kitchen choosing recipes and chopping vegetables? Is small and well-organized space your personal goal, or do you want expansive and impressive space to accommodate a crowd?

2. Do I Want an Eat-in Kitchen?

Some families would prefer to eat most meals in a separate dining area. Others only want a snack counter in the kitchen. Popular islands and eating bars are not for everyone, but if you want the option, even small kitchens can usually accommodate the need.

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3. What Appliances Do I Really Need?

While your dream might be for multiple ovens, a stand-alone freezer, and refrigerator drawers for fresh produce and cans of soda, other cooks would opt for a built-in coffee machine and a pair of microwaves! Don’t fill your space with appliances you won’t use, no matter how trendy they may be. On the other hand, if you love ethnic foods or want the ability to grill steaks in the middle of winter, make room for a gas grill, with griddle, steamer and wok options. Have it your way!

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4. Is There Enough Storage Space?

Always explore options: Corner lazy susans, revolving pantry storage, slide-out and pop-up shelving, tall furniture-style armoires, spice racks that tuck between studs, and slim pull-out cabinets or tilt-out drawers allow you to tailor your storage to your own needs.

5. Can I Show Off My Pretty Things?

Today’s best kitchens often include glass-front cabinets, display cases for collections, open shelving and wall art. There is no reason your kitchen shouldn’t be as visually appealing and comfortable as any other room in your home. Make space for the things you love and give your kitchen charm and visual appeal.

6. Does the Space Work?

Cramped spaces or kitchens that require too many steps are equally inefficient. There are still good reasons to consider the traditional “work triangle” when planning your kitchen redo. A certified kitchen designer can guide you to the right solution.
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7. Is the Kitchen a “Happy” Place?

Color, lighting and pleasant outdoor views affect mood and happiness. If your current decor doesn’t make you feel like smiling, think about what would! Whether your choice is sleek and modern, rustic and comfortable, or subdued traditional, pick decor elements that will boost your spirits and speak words of “welcome.”

8. Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly?

Modern appliances not only work quietly and well, they save on water and help you save money on electricity. Recycle stations demonstrate your commitment and concern for the environment. And choosing kitchen materials with an eye toward sustainability and health concerns makes good sense.

9. What Can I Give Up?

Aim for a good mix of form and function in your kitchen. There are few “must have” in today’s kitchens. It’s all about efficiency and personal preferences. If you don’t bake, you might do very well with a blender and hand mixer. If so, pass the large electric mixer on to someone who will love it!

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10. What Are My Must Haves?

Again, this is a very personal decision. If you set a formal table for dinner, then find space for the place mats, napkins and napkin rings that you treasure. If a snack station would delight the teenagers and their friends, then that becomes a priority.

Communicate your needs to a design professional at The Kitchen Master and we’ll get to work to make your kitchen dreams come true. Why not schedule a time to step into our showroom so that you can just how good it can get? We’ll be waiting to here from you!

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