Sleek and Modern Continue to Lead in Bath Vanity Popularity

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A clean, contemporary style, reminiscent of a European hotel or a minimalist spa, is what most buyers want today when planning a bathroom remodeling project. Other descriptive words might include simple, understated, classic, low-maintenance, neutral and functional. Today’s trends are not new; they point to a lasting elegance that meshes well with high-tech options and “smart-home” additions.

Alternate solutions to traditional cabinetry

How to Achieve Glamorous Results

It’s possible to combine drama with function, and the results can be stunning. Rather than choosing embellishment, think in architectural terms, and choose simplicity over adornment. Today, the range of possibilities is limited only by your budget and your imagination.

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Whether you are planning a master bath retreat, a busy family bath for the kids or a stunning guest bath, keep in mind your storage needs. Remember that “close at hand” for grooming aids and bath supplies doesn’t necessarily mean “always visible.” But don’t feel locked in to traditional sizes or designs in cabinetry. If you opt for a slim wall-hung shelf with a single drawer to serve as a base for a vessel sink, create storage by having your bathroom remodeler install a “bath pantry.” Another option would be to add a matching armoire cabinet on another wall.
wall-mounted vanities save visual space

Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn

Whether you choose refined elegance or audacious spunk may depend on your own personality and the style of your home. But don’t abandon an idea simply because you haven’t seen it in a magazine. Our talented designers will work with you to design a perfect bath vanity. Be sure to have some fun with your choices. Inject the space with personality; if it makes you smile, it’s a perfect fit for your lifestyle.

On the other hand, do consider lasting value and the benefits of adaptability. Many people choose a 36-inch height for bath vanities as well as kitchen cabinets, but be aware of changing family needs. While you would not be likely to size a bath vanity for the current height of a six-year-old, you will want an alternate solution. You might consider a foldout stool installed in a bottom drawer. Another trendy option in this case is a wall-mounted cabinet or shelf that will accommodate a freestanding stool or a child-size chair to double as a step. The same type of cabinet is a mainstay of universal design that takes into account the future needs of an aging resident or wheelchair-bound user.

Wall-hung vanities and “floating” installations that have an Asian ethic can be every bit as useful and beautiful as those that extend to the floor. They occupy less visual space, and can be paired with vessel sinks and simple faucets.

Try new ideas for vanity bathroom designs

Choose a vanity cabinet with legs for a newer, upscale furniture look. Use color, art and accessories to advantage, and remember that gray is the “new white,” not only for bathrooms, but for the rest of your home as well. Art is in— for the walls, for tile, accessories and even flooring. Don’t be afraid of the unusual.

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