Modern Designs for Small Kitchens

The Kitchen Master

As the trend toward smaller homes and spaces has become more popular, getting the same impactful design in a smaller space may be challenging – or so most people think. The truth is, small kitchens can still serve up gorgeous designs. It’s all in the concept and how you put things together that makes the difference. Here are a few ways to make the most of a small kitchen:

Start Low

When utilizing the space in a small kitchen, the first thing you should do is start from the bottom up. With so many new appliances designed to fit kitchen cabinetry, you can save precious counter space by utilizing a built-in drawer style microwave, under counter or built-in freezer and refrigerator. Drawer storage is the big thing now, with specialized drawer cabinets built to house plates, bowls, small appliances and pots and pans. This way, you will have your things close by but out of sight for the rest of the world to see. Re-build your corners-take that wasted space and transform it to super convenient a super susan or swing out shelf cabinet. Make use of narrow cabinet spaces with full height roll outs for trays, spices, can goods, bottles or cooking utensils.the kitchen master guide to popular kitchen layouts cover photo download

Keep it Clean and Bright

Clean lines and modern design is a big draw in smaller kitchens. The sleeker the look, the bigger the kitchen feels. Simple door styles with lighter stains or light natural solid colors will make that room grow and more fun to use. A focal wall with one contrasting color may work well in smaller spaces, with accents to highlight its beauty while maintaining convenient storage.


Ample storage may be one of the biggest challenges in designing for a small kitchen, but adding open shelving in the most inconspicuous places can give you what you need without taking important space. Today’s small kitchen designs use shelving for a variety of things, from spices and cups to cookbooks, iPads, TV’s, artwork and more.

Let There Be Light

No matter how small your kitchen is it will always look and feel bigger when you have enough natural light and good artificial lighting for the evenings. Recessed energy efficient ceiling LED and under cabinet LED lighting can mimic natural light and provide excellent task lighting while enlarging the appearance of a small kitchen. The beauty of good lighting can make your remodeling investment seem greater as it highlights your walls, cabinets and countertops.

A kitchen doesn’t have to lack design creativity just because it’s small. Take your ideas to a professional designer and together you can design and build a new kitchen that will give you everything you need and want. Your designer will show you a number of small kitchen designs that are just as functional and attractive as their larger counterparts. It’s all in how you use the space that will make it work to fit your lifestyle.

If you are struggling with the size and don’t enjoy being in your small kitchen The Kitchen Master can help you create a room that will work for all your needs. For a free consultation, call one of our design team members today!

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