2019 Kitchen Design Trends

The Kitchen Master | January 31, 2019

Are you considering a kitchen renovation? Perhaps you simply want to keep up with what’s trendy this year. Either way, it’s time to get inspired by these 2019 kitchen design trends that are here to stay.

Painted, Two-Tone Cabinets

the kitchen master renovation with double island white cabinetry black subway tile hooded vent

More homeowners in 2019 are gravitating toward painted cabinets in place of stained wood. If you can’t decide between gray and white, use them both! For the best results, use light colors for upper cabinets and dark colors for lower or island cabinets.

Open Shelving

Instead of closing the door over your prized kitchenware, display them proudly on open shelving. This 2019 kitchen design trend harkens back to the early 20th century when many homes had wood-burning stoves, exposed plumbing, and open shelving. Turns out this “new” trend isn’t so new after all—but that’s what makes it so charming.

Industrial Countertops

the kitchen master transitional kitchen large wooden island chandliers white & black cabinets

Natural stone isn’t going anywhere, but it may be time to think beyond granite and quartz. Butcher block is one option that adds a warm, organic feel to your kitchen. Concrete is another popular material for industrial kitchens. This offers exceptional texture and durability in various colors and finishes. Yet another choice is stainless steel, a virtually indestructible material that looks great in ultra-modern kitchens.

Concealed Hood Vents

Stainless steel and industrial hood vents are fine for restaurant kitchens, but homeowners are steering clear of them in 2019. Instead, the trend is to create a seamless, camouflaged look by finishing the hood vent in the same color and style as the cabinetry. This lends itself to a milder look above the stove so your appliances, backsplash, and accessories can shine.

Copper Accents

When used in cookware, copper is known to deliver superior conductivity and more even heat distribution for better results when sautéing food. This year’s trend is to proudly display, not just your copper cookware and serveware, but metal accents in other places as well. Start by hanging your pots and pans from the ceiling, or mounting copper mugs to a wall plaque to showcase your stylish collection. Then, consider adding copper elsewhere, such as by installing a copper farmhouse sink, copper vent hood, or copper faucets.

Counter-to-Ceiling Backsplash

bright kitchen renovation white and grey cabinetry stainless steel appliances hooded vent

Don’t even think about ending the backsplash a mere 12 inches from the countertop in 2019—extend it all the way up to the ceiling to create a gorgeous, tiled accent wall. This adds texture, color, and visual appeal to any kitchen.

Black Appliances

Silver stainless steel has been the leader in kitchen appliance finishes for a long time, but sophisticated shades of brushed slate and black stainless steel are moving in fast. These blend into dark cabinets and have a sleeker appearance than shiny silver.

Matte Finishes Everywhere

Appliances aren’t the only things losing their glossy finish—everything from countertops to cabinetry is going matte in 2019. Dark colors such as black, navy, and forest green look particularly good with a matte finish. These moody hues set a relaxing tone that differs starkly from the all-white kitchens of yesteryear.

Breakfast Nooks

the kitchen master kitchen remodel eating nook mixed seating around dining table

Built-in bench seating provides a comfortable place to eat in the kitchen, bridging the gap between bar stools and the formal dining room. This upgrades an underused corner of your kitchen into the perfect lounge area for the whole family. The benches themselves can even be used to store pillows, blankets, board games, and more.

While these 2019 kitchen design trends may inspire you, what you include in your kitchen renovation is entirely up to you. For help maximizing the appearance and functionality of your Naperville kitchen this year, please contact The Kitchen Master.

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