Bathroom Tile Trends Offer Design Flexibility

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You don’t have to settle for the dated and unattractive color schemes and unimaginative small square tiles of the past any longer. Even a vintage bathroom can be updated in a jiffy even if all you do is replace old tile with a newer, more interesting selection.

For the past several years, the bathroom tile trends have moved towards natural stone and glass tile. But, as attractive as marble, granite, slate and travertine may be; as upscale and dazzling as glass tile is, those looks are not right for everyone and don’t work in all bathrooms.

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Tile Returns in Triumph!

Tile fell from favor partially because of perceived upkeep needs. It is true that grout lines can crack, and maintaining grout in perfect condition may require a little extra TLC, but the appeal of tile is lasting. Ancient mosaics used for flooring, walls and public baths in places like Pompeii, Masada, Greece and North Africa testify to the longevity and beauty of the choice.

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Although we’re not suggesting that you duplicate ancient tile installations, there are plenty of examples of historic tile worth preserving. They can still serve their original purpose with style and grace.

The exciting aspect of modern tile is its variety, and modern porcelain and ceramic tile trends are on the upsurge once again. It’s definitely not your mama’s boring tile.

Think interesting shapes, sizes and materials:

  • Recycled glass, ceramic, porcelain, metal, natural stone of all kinds and tiles with other embedded elements, as well as those made by hand from natural clay are being used in innovative ways, even in wet areas.
  • Dots, diamonds, hexagons and mosaics come in a dazzling array of materials, textures and colors, allowing homeowners to simulate the look of a Moroccan hammam, a Spanish garden bath or a European hotel spa.
  • Subway tiles, those traditional long rectangles, now are available in oversize versions, some as large as 12X48 inches, and can be installed in a running pattern vertically as well as horizontally for a futuristic look.
  • Wood-grained tiles can simulate wood floors but offer wet-space practicality, and non-slip tiles provide safety for showers and bathroom floors.
  • Hand-painted tiles can be made to complement colored bath fixtures, to depict a favorite scene, or to serve as the focal point of a shower or a bath wall.
  • Trim pieces and dimensional tiles used as accents are popular and used to highlight or add interest to simpler field tiles.

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Bathroom remodeling and tile trends evolve somewhat more slowly than other home decor options. But when your current bath has outworn its usefulness, you have a wealth of options to consider, not only for replacing tile surfaces, but also in terms of fixtures, faucets and personal grooming aids. At The Kitchen Master, we are as knowledgeable about this “second most used room” in the home as we are about “the heart of the home.”

Bath design offers a great opportunity to express your individuality, whether you are planning to refurbish and renew your master bath retreat, update a dowdy powder room, or make an existing bath function better for the kids.

Do you have questions? We will be happy to serve as your sounding board and we always provide free consultations.

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