Bathroom Countertop Trends

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If you were asked to choose three words to describe bathroom countertop trends, how would you respond?

According to all the experts, you would be right in step with the times if you said:

  • Light
  • Easy care
  • Dramatic

Bathrooms of the future will be every bit as stylish as any other room in the home, say the designers. Fresh, clean, seamless designs always look good and serve a multitude of functions. They will be pretty to look at, easy to love, and they will keep pace with busy lifestyles as well as appealing to personal taste and serving family needs. Specifically, what does that mean if you are considering updating a bathroom in your home?

Nature Inspired Bath Design

Go With Seamless, But Lighten Up

Natural stone is, in a sense, timeless, but granite can seem “heavy,” staid and unimaginative when compared to lighter, brighter quartz countertops.

Manufactured under a variety of names, synthetic quartz countertops are not always made to look like natural stone. Their beauty is that they look clean and modern, light and bright, and are available in a range of colors from subtle neutrals to dramatic brights. They were huge players in 2015 and show every bit as much promise for the coming year.

Glass also is coming into its own; it can be formed from recycled chips, back-painted to add color to the bath, or used to top a piece of furniture or make a usable vanity out of a rustic or found object. The possibilities are almost endless, and pebbles, chips, stones or other objects can be embedded into glass counters.

Porcelain and ceramic slab counters hearken back to old-fashioned tile, with the clean, shiny European hotel image that conjures up. The advantage is that this modern iteration is seamless, with no grout lines to crack or stain. They are not really new, but such slabs have not yet become mainstream in this country. Look for more options like these in 2016.

Quartz Countertops

Keep it Fresh and Clean

The trend toward spa retreats, natural looks and lighter colors will likely continue, but if you feel more comfortable with wood and natural materials, go ahead and bring some nature into your zen space or your rustic grooming center. Install a raw edge wood countertop topped with gleaming white vessel lavatories; set a smooth pottery basin into a hammered copper countertop, or embrace a high-tech option with a colored vessel on a zinc or stainless steel countertop.

Considering the trendy possibility of a wall-hung counter with slim drawers rather than traditional cabinetry. Complement that minimal installation with baskets and freestanding storage.

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