How to Create a Spa Atmosphere in your Master Bathroom

The Kitchen Master | June 16, 2015

Spas vary greatly in design, but the universal appeal is the sense of privacy and peace that they provide. The feeling of deserved self-indulgence that they foster is another reason for their popularity. Now you can achieve that same aesthetic in your own home. Basically, the spa experience involves only four things, all of them sensory pleasures:

  • Soothing colors and interesting textures
  • Pleasant sights and smells
  • The sounds and experience of therapeutic water
  • A sense of solitude and timelessness

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Your master bath retreat should definitely have a lock and a way to dim bright lights or filter sunlight. Plan for music if you like, but don’t let a television intrude! Finally, either relegate “workday” grooming aids to drawers or cabinets or “hide” them in beautiful glass or metal containers on the vanity counter. Group an array of candles on a metal tray.

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Envision the Total Look

You can instill a spa-like feeling just as easily in a small bath as in a large one. Zen-like calm is established by eliminating clutter, focusing on function, and embracing beautiful materials. Smooth surfaces, simple lines, scrupulous cleanliness, and gentle color schemes are the hallmarks of the “Eastern” ethic.

Natural Materials are Preferred

Choose smooth marble over textured tile; opt for simple chrome faucets rather than curvy black iron; and select sea grass or bamboo mats rather than chenille rugs. Gleaming brass or hammered copper hint of Middle Eastern opulence; and smooth stones, live plants and impressionist art can bring the outdoors in.

Therapeutic Water Elements

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Therapeutic Water Elements, and More

If you are planning a complete remodel, investigate the possibility of installing multiple-head shower bars, body sprays or adjustable pulsating showerheads. Or, consider a rain shower.

Steam showers invigorate muscles as well as minds, and either a soaking tub or a jetted model will be like a massage for bodily aches. A large bench in the shower makes perfect sense, and an extended deck by the tub provides a place for towels, bath salts and pretty accessories.

Dual sinks set in a single vanity are stylish, or you can create separate grooming spaces on opposite sides of the room. Large mirrors are nice, but framed styles are less utilitarian. Consider vertical make-up lights on either side of the mirror to eliminate shadows, rather than a single strip above it.

Desirable Extras

With sufficient floor space, an upholstered bench is a great addition. An alternative is an oversize deck on one side of the tub. Add a lush terrycloth cushion and you’ll have a place to sit and meditate or to do some yoga stretches.

Plan for wall-hung shelving to hold a supply of rolled-up towels, or install a row of hooks. For a truly luxurious touch, investigate a heated towel rack. A chandelier in the bath is always appropriate—it’s also another way to encourage a smile!

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