7 Bathroom Remodeling Do’s and Don’ts

The Kitchen Master | August 30, 2017

Reality often doesn’t match the fantasies we carry in our heads. However, if an existing bathroom falls short on style, comfort and convenience, don’t give up all hope. Instead, consider remodeling to increase the luxury quotient in ways you’ve never before considered.

Instead of just wishing for a transformation, take positive steps to assure that your bathroom remodel will give you the kind of space you need, the convenience you desire, and the style you yearn for.

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bathroom with two vanities cream cabinets black fixtures patterned countertops two mirrors
Modern Luxury Transitional Master Bath in Naperville, IL.

Here are the ways to make it happen:

  • DO Your Initial “Homework.” Start collecting ideas early on. You’ll be surprised how quickly random photos, colors and design inspirations can help you crystallize your wants and needs. Scroll through online design sites, pull pages from magazines; collect photos, visit showrooms and model homes, ask friends for suggestions. Don’t be shy about cataloguing what you don’t like as well as what you love. It’s an important part of the design process. Houzz and Pinterest are great internet sites to get ideas and organize your bath research.
  • DO Consult with Experts: Work with a certified bath designer to make sure the design will work, whether you’re revamping a master bath, designing a tiny powder room or “expanding” usable space in a hardworking family bathroom. Your design professional respects budget constraints and is knowledgeable about new products and ideas, helping you add value and maximize available dollars.
  • DO Prioritize Your Needs. But, don’t forget to include some “wish list” items. Personalize your space by unleashing your creativity, and pamper yourself when possible. There are very few rules that must be followed. A heated floor may be practical for cold winters and if you love warm towels, opt for a heated towel bar.
  • DO try to preserve existing plumbing and venting patterns if at all possible. Rerouting drains and water lines can be problematic, but this is an area where you have to rely on professional judgment and experience and weigh the pros and cons — and the cost — of major changes. Obviously, if you are adding a second vanity, enlarging a shower or installing a steam unit, there is plumbing work to be done. But, if you can work with the existing floor plan, you can also achieve results with simple cosmetic changes.
  • DON’T Skimp on Quality: Design expertise is just as important as quality materials and workmanship. Remember that it’s a lot easier — and less expensive — to make changes to the plans than to change your mind in the middle of construction. Rely on experience and professional advice to help you make decisions. Always choose the best quality you can afford.

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  • DON’T Be Tempted by Trends. Many decor trends become dated quickly. Remember pink and turquoise tile or chocolate brown tubs and vanity sinks? If you cringe at those memories, or if your bathroom is stuck in its own era, then opt for classic lines, durable finishes, and neutral colors. White fixtures are always in vogue. If you love high style, add color and pattern with towels, paint colors and express yourself through art on the walls!
  • DON’T Take the “Low Bid.” Seriously, sign a contract with a professional contractor, and don’t be tempted by a low-cost handyman. Bathroom remodeling can be very complicated and since the space is smaller than other rooms, every inch must be carefully designed. The Kitchen Master specializes in design-build baths and kitchens and our satisfied clients consistently give us high marks for both style and execution.

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