What Are Today’s Hottest Bathroom Upgrades?

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One of the most common home remodeling projects homeowners undertake is a bath remodel. Bath renovation projects are usually done to update the look of the room or improve the design to better fit the homeowners’ needs and lifestyle. If your family is growing or changing, you might need a considerable re-design.

Or if you just want an updated look, new cabinets and a change of fixtures should do the trick. So with that in mind, let’s look at some of the major elements of bath remodeling, and what many homeowners are doing.

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Tubs: These days, some homeowners are actually eliminating their bathtubs entirely. This may seem like a drastic move, but if you’d rather have the space, and don’t enjoy taking baths, it could be a good option. Most realtors will tell you that if you have another tub on the same floor, removing one tub should not affect the re-sale value of the home.

However, the majority of homeowners don’t want to part with their tubs, and many feel that a new freestanding tub is the best option for them, while others favor drop-in tubs, spa tubs and jetted tubs.

There are numerous great new products that bring the relaxing ambiance of a spa into your home: Deep freestanding soaking tubs that allow full immersion, whirlpool and air baths that massage from head to toe, and much more.

Designers are also elevating the experience by adding built-in lights, music and aromatherapy. Most good quality soaking or massage tubs are made of acrylic. A beautiful new material for stand-alone soaking tubs is a synthetic stone-like product usually called a resin or solid surface tub.

choose from freestanding tubs, to drop-in tubs, spa tubs and jetted tubs

It gives a luxurious smooth silky look that is solid and can even be scrubbed with an abrasive pad or sanded to remove stains or scratches.

Showers: The master bath should be a relaxing retreat, and for the most popular bathing option, the shower, most homeowners agree that bigger is better. Larger showers are all the rage, and during the remodeling process, our designers often make use of any extra space gained by shrinking the less used tub to create more room for the bigger shower.

Frameless glass enclosures, shower seats, toiletry niches and rain showerheads are all well-loved additions. New technology in shower floors and drains can often allow for a flush and curb-free shower. Imagine a continuous even room and shower floor!

For our clients interested in more luxurious options, steam showers and saunas are also great choices—contact us to learn more.

Tile: Once thought of as outdated and ugly, tiles in new sizes and material composition are making a comeback. Gone are the plain 4 inch or 6 inch ceramic tiles. And with an ever-expanding array of larger tile sizes, patterns and textures, tile from porcelain to granite and specialty stones, make it easier than ever to create a look that is both stylish and very personal.

Developments in digital printing technology provide exceptional variations in pattern and the give the look of natural materials like wood, linen and burlap—so you can let your imagination run wild. Mixing porcelain tiles with glass or stone is also very trendy and can produce gorgeous results. Different layouts from vertical “brick” patterns to straight, simple designs, and larger sizes, such as 12”x24” and 18”x36” are appearing in design blogs and magazines.

Tile from porcelain to granite and specialty stones

Water Closets or Exposed Toilets: When you want to add an element of privacy to a master or larger bath and have the space, water closets are the way to go. This trend offers privacy with the toilet hidden in a separate room. Be sure to consider adequate ventilation and lighting. A toilet room can also house that extra cabinet to store items that won’t fit into your vanities.

But, when the toilet is left in full view, high style is becoming as important in toilets as it is in other bath elements. Beautiful period designs and sleek modern styles better fit the personality of the bathroom. Tankless and wall-mounted toilets are becoming more common in new construction and even remodeling.

They take up less floor space and make cleaning a snap. Recent and future changes in toilet water usage are saving millions of gallons of water without compromising good flushing and bowl rinsing. The latest improvements include touchless flushing, seats with built in lighting and even built-in deodorizing.

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