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The Kitchen Master | January 8, 2018

Looking forward to a new year is a perfect time to think about a kitchen rehab. While shabby chic may be a current decor favorite in some circles, a shabby, outdated kitchen has absolutely no appeal as winter turns to spring and bright, fresh flowers begin to poke through the snow. If your kitchen is looking a bit sad, now is the time to begin planning its “rebirth.”

The trends are toward “Customization, Convenience and Color,” according to design pros. Where will that take you?

Creating Your 2018 Kitchen Rehab Checklist

Have a plan: The first step is to take a look at your existing kitchen. What works and what could work better? Is the floor plan cramped or inefficient? Are your appliances old and unfriendly? Is the lighting inadequate? Is there enough storage space? Is your countertop cluttered with small appliances? Look at your space with new eyes and honestly assess your needs. You’ll be able to better define your needs if you ask yourself some pertinent questions.

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Maybe your kitchen works well for you and your family, but could use a facelift. If so, our experienced design consultants will help you bring it up to date with modern materials and give it an exciting new lease on life with style and colors perfectly suited to your lifestyle.

Whether that kitchen needs a lot of work or a little, we’ll help you define a budget and a timeline, and take your ideas from dream to reality. It’s what we’ve been doing for Chicago area homeowners for more than 40 years!

Collecting and Organizing Your Kitchen Rehab Ideas

There are so many design resources available: Design magazines are filled with beautiful kitchens and trendy ideas; online sites like Houzz and Pinterest allow you to see what “real people” have done. The goal is to express your own personality in your kitchen rather than to copy a designer kitchen.
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So, collect pictures and ideas, compile them into a notebook of possibilities, and then work with one of our designers to adapt the style to your own needs. Then visit our 4,000 square foot Naperville showroom and be amazed by the scope and variety of ideas we have amassed just for you!

If you’re not quite sure of your direction, we’ll help you crystallize your ideas. We even make house calls, so rest assured that the renovation will fit the style and personality of your existing Western suburban Chicago home.

Because we are a family-owned firm and have built our reputation on the pursuit of perfection in kitchen and bath design, we are confident in our abilities and hold to the standard of complete satisfaction on the part of every client.

2018 — A Good Year for a Kitchen Rehab

Chicagoland kitchens come in all sizes, from pint-sized to expansive. Our designers know that. We also know that homeowners have a range of different wants and needs, as well as styles. Our design consultants are adept at translating your wishes into perfect pictures of efficiency and style.
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Our “artists” create canvases of minimalism as well as perfectly executed modern translations of period or traditional design. Why not contact us early in the year? Schedule a visit to our showroom, or show your idea book to one of our talented designers. Let us help you create your kitchen masterpiece in 2018.

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We wish you a wonderful new year and look forward to working with you on a spectacular kitchen rehab!

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