How Small Bathroom Upgrades Can Make a Big Impact

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If your bathroom isn’t keeping pace with the demands you place on it, or if its “face” needs a lift to brighten your spirits, consider some upgrades that can make a big impression. Improving the look and function of a bathroom doesn’t have to mean a major redo or cost a fortune; you can accomplish custom bathroom remodeling in stages. Here are some ideas:

Uplifting Changes

Simple, quick decor changes can make a big difference and often don’t require much more than a little time. Paint one wall or all the walls a fresh new color. Or paint your tired wood vanity cabinet for an entirely new look. Add a new shower curtain and soften the bathroom window with woven wood shades rather than mini-blinds. Add splashy, colorful art to the walls and buy some bright new towels and bath mats.

Add a wall-hung shelf unit and stack folded towels in plain sight; use some pretty containers to hold supplies: cotton balls, bath salts and a variety of soaps; then add air-freshening crystals and a green plant. Install some hooks for bathrobes, or hang a row of stylish knobs for towels.

Personalize the Vanity

close up of quartz vanity kitchen renovation with chrome finishes small plant glass storage cup

Top an old chest or an antique with a piece of glass or a marble slab , or go modern with a sleek wall-hung cabinet. Choose a vessel sink, along with a trendy faucet, and your revamped bathroom will have star appeal. Use storage baskets strategically placed if you have minimal closed storage, or call another piece of furniture into action. Think outside the box and pull a garden bench or pedestal into service as a landing spot. Use an old toy chest to store supplies or as an inspired hamper for dirty clothes or wet towels.

Regrout your Tile

There’s nothing like fresh grout to freshen up old bath and floor tile. This is a job for a professional, but it’s worth the time, effort, and money. If you have white or light tile, consider dark grout. Or match the grout to the tile for a more seamless look. Don’t forget to get some matching caulk for the tub surround and shower enclosure. If you have chipped or cracked tiles, consider replacing rather than restoring, because you might have wall damage hiding behind your tile.

Let the Light Shine

One of the best ways to brighten up an existing bath is to lighten up. Literally. Replace old fixtures; add ambient lighting or a chandelier in a larger bath. Install a heat lamp/vent combination. Add pendant lights on either side of a vanity sink rather than a bath bar over the mirror. While you’re at it, there are few better ways to upgrade showers than to replace a dated frosted glass door with modern, frameless clear glass. It will make the whole room brighter and is also easier to maintain.

Open Up and Organize

Flaunt your creativity as well as your style and organizational skills. Remove the doors from built-in linen and vanity cabinets. Add shelves to an existing linen closet, but leave the door open. Paint interiors a bright color and add baskets of varying sizes to store everything from nail polish and Q-tips to hair dryers and fresh towels.

There are many easy fixes for a tired bathroom, and our professional designers at The Kitchen Master are experts at suggesting ways to revitalize your existing bath. If you need more than just a few DIY cosmetic changes,contact us to schedule a consultation and we’ll help you organize your thoughts and bring your ideas to life.

How Small Bathroom Upgrades Make A Big Impact | The Kitchen Master

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