Designing a Two Person Bathroom

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Planning a bathroom remodel is not as simple as simply finding space for a second vanity, especially if you want to make space for two in what was formerly a one-person squeeze! It may not be easy, but it’s certainly doable, especially when you work with the pros at The Kitchen Master.

Sharing a Master Bathroom

There’s also the matter of style and trends. And, while we advise doing what’s right for you rather than bowing to the dictates of the style-setters, there are some trends that you might want to embrace. Master bathrooms, for instance, are more apt to become private retreats, at-home spas or spaces that, by necessity, cater to the functional grooming needs of two busy adults. Addressing those needs is a large part of effective planning. Even with minimal square footage available, there are ways to use vertical space to provide storage, to add light to the space, to incorporate luxury features, to cater to individual wants, and to address a desire for a modicum of privacy.

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It’s not always easy, and if you face a space crunch as you plan for a bathroom remodel in your Chicagoland home, consider what The Kitchen Master offers. We’ll help point you in the right direction and assist you with all the details, from initial design to choosing fixtures and an inviting color scheme, all the way through construction to final completion. We also keep our eyes on developing trends, so that your new bath won’t be dated before it’s completed.

We’ve been in business since 1977, and we have an impressive record of successful renovations in Western suburb homes. We’re accustomed to unusual requests. In fact, we relish them!

Creating a Secondary Bathroom for Dual Use

We also have vast experience in carving space for larger and more personalized secondary baths. We can visualize how a finished redo will look without ripping out any walls, and we can show you how to reclaim and repurpose underused square footage. Often it’s possible to annex space from an existing closet, hallway or bedroom in order to install a bathroom that serves family needs for children of varied ages or different genders.

the kitchen master two person bathroom remodel two vanities and mirrors

A bath used by both children and adults, or one that must be adaptable for the needs of frequent overnight guests as well as family members requires a bit more expertise, but our designers employ a whole handful of space-expanding tricks of the trade: We can partition or compartmentalize space to create privacy and add function, create “wet” areas and separate grooming centers, add dual-level vanities to serve different ages and physical needs, create “safe” zones with grab bars, non-slip features, and adjustable water delivery and flushing options.

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We can even steer willing clients into modern technology in the form of solar tubes, communication devices, or music and aroma therapy, create drama with space-age lighting and automatic ventilation systems, or design options like living walls, opening skylights, one-way windows, voice-activated fixtures, and sliding-door access to private outdoor showers and gardens.

Adding function and convenience is only the beginning. Our creative, certified bathroom design staff is an award-winning talent pool just waiting to serve you. We understand that the bath is a private space, and we’ll encourage you to express your personality and give in to your whims as you redesign the baths in your Chicago home.

Whether you need a “knock-em-dead” powder room or a replica of a pampering hotel spa, why not schedule a tour of our Naperville showroom to get the creative juices flowing. Then let’s get together to get your bathroom renovation underway. Contact our design team for your free consultation.

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