Tips for Planning Your New Home’s Remodeling Project

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According to a recent study, most people today don’t look for perfection when buying a new home. The concept of “move-in ready” seems to be changing. More than half of all buyers today plan to update or overhaul some aspect of their home.

So, whether you plan simply to breathe new life into your decor or you anticipate a minor bathroom redo or a major kitchen renovation, you are not alone.

Plan Ahead for Your Remodel Project

There is simply no substitute for thorough planning, and the best way to begin the process is to make lists. Take a walk through your house: Note what you love and hate. The second step is to think about the way you live your life: On a schedule, relaxed and easy, surrounded by friends and family, or only home on weekends?

Take the time to write down must-have features for your kitchen or bathroom renovation; note the need for more storage or display space. Then move on to the wish list: A warming drawer or indoor grill; a steam shower or towel warmers in the master bath? Your wish list may shrink or expand, but you will emerge with a clear idea of what’s important, what’s possible, and what your finished space will look like.

Best Ways To Approach a Renovation

Everyone has a different approach to tackling projects, especially when it comes to home design and renovation. If you are confused about where to start, here are some questions to ask before you start the process.

What Is the Purpose of Renovating?

Decide if your planned renovation is an immediate need to correct a fault or repair a flaw. If the timeline is short due to necessity, make an appointment with a design professional at your first opportunity to investigate your options and the potential your home has. Know that the time you spend “getting your ducks in a row” is by no means wasted.

What Are the Specifics?

Zero in on the scope of your renovation. Even if you need to repair a leaking shower, it’s possible to plan your ultimate renovation in stages. Work with a professional to ensure that all work is planned and undertaken in a logical way, and don’t act until you have a reasonably firm grasp on your final vision.

Develop a budget, secure the financing if appropriate, and consult with building professionals before ordering materials or scheduling any work. Approach your home remodeling logically. The process can be fun; approach it as a new adventure.

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