Creative Ways to Remodel a Bathroom for a Busy Family

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If you have a family bathroom that is shared by children of different ages or genders, or perhaps shared by children as well as adults, think about making the space more functional for everyone while making it easy to clean and maintain. Even if your space is relatively modest, try to be creative to assure that the space works for all ages and that more than one person can use the bathroom at a time. A bathroom remodeling project can effectively create a beautiful yet functional space.

The Latest Bathroom Designs

The idea of separating the tub and toilet from vanity space became popular several decades ago, and that “Jack and Jill” bath is enjoying a resurgence in new construction. It is a concept worth exploring when planning a remodel as well. Compartmented plans can be adapted for either large or small spaces, but they work best when the tub and toilet can be completely private. If it’s impossible to totally segregate the functions, you might accomplish a bit of separation with a half wall partition. And, if it’s not practical to install a second vanity sink, you could relieve some of the bathroom congestion and hide some of the clutter with a separate small “make-up” counter.

A hard-working family bathroom should be every bit as appealing as the master bath; in fact, it might include many of the same features.

If you have the space, or can expand into an adjacent room or closet, think about the advantages of having a separate shower in addition to a tub. It can streamline the look of the bath and allow concurrent use by two people. If you have young children, you won’t want to give up the tub, but older children and teens frequently prefer quick showers.

Dual sinks can speed up bathroom use both on busy mornings and for bedtime routines, but they don’t necessarily have to be equal. You might opt for a pedestal sink next to the water closet, and install a larger vanity cabinet with its own sink in a dressing area. Consider the added benefits of having vanities at two different heights to accommodate different ages.

Organizing a Kids’ Bathroom

The key to designing a fully functional family bathroom is to build in a lot of storage. There is no substitute for organization: Provide personal space for each child, and find a way to keep possessions separate as well as organized. Try to plan wall space for a bookcase or étagère, or add wall shelving filled with bins and woven baskets. Make sure there’s a way to corral dirty clothes and wet towels.

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