Bathroom Layouts that Really Work

The Kitchen Master | November 7, 2016

There are few rules for bathroom layouts. But there are some principles to keep in mind.

The bathroom is the most used room in your home. Whether it’s pint-sized or fit for a king, you should be concerned about function as well as aesthetics.

Sensible Bathroom Plans

Modern bathroom floor plans often incorporate “zones” in order to increase usability. By creating semi-private spaces for showering, bathing, grooming and “necessaries,” it’s possible to expand functionality within the existing “footprint” of physical space.

It also can make sense to think about “wet zones” and dry zones, especially if you have a bath used by several children or by children and adults. By locating a tub and shower in a defined area, either an alcove or a “sub-room” with a door, you can contain splashes and steam, and allow another person use of the rest of the bathroom.

In a spacious bathroom, with ample open space, it is convenient to have a bench, chair or even a chaise for relaxing and pampering, a luxury feature of popular master spa-like retreats.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

No matter how you configure your bathroom, provide ample storage for towels, cleaning supplies and personal accessories. Keep grooming supplies and cosmetics handy but out of sight. Your counter will be uncluttered and your personal space will be neat and presentable at all times.

Even a small bathroom can be efficient and attractive. The actual floor plan also plays a role in your choice of materials. Remember that bathrooms look larger with lots of light and “transparent” spaces. That’s the reason glass-walled showers are so popular in modern bathrooms. Opaque or frosted glass will provide a measure of privacy, but it also transmits light and can visually expand the space.


Clear the Floor

One of today’s trendy looks for bathrooms is to keep the floor clear. Wall-hung cabinets and even wall-mounted toilets are stylish and futuristic; they also make cleaning a breeze.

You can achieve a similar light-hearted look with spare, clean-lined vanity cabinets set on legs. Many boast open shelving under the sink for towels. Place baskets of grooming aids on the counter or on the floor. Add a freestanding chest or a small trunk in you need hideaway storage.

Look for wall hung storage cabinets if the minimalist style in bathroom design appeals to you. There are stylish examples in painted finishes as well as stained wood tones, or a custom cabinet maker can provide any look you like, even a high-tech metallic finish.

Exceptional Bathroom Renovations

If there is a bathroom redo planned for your future, why not start collecting ideas now from online design resources. Also plan to visit the idea center and Naperville showroom of The Kitchen Master. Our certified design professionals will be happy to work with you to plan and configure a bathroom that will live up to its full potential in your Chicagoland home.

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