Banish Boring from Your Bathroom Remodel

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Bathrooms are typically functional spaces. Too often, because they are considered private, even spaces that are well-designed are not given the design attention that could lift them from ordinary to stunning. It does not have to be so.

Even with a everyday bathroom, ideas for infusing new life into the space need not be limited to traditional style. In fact, things get more interesting if you mix it up a bit.

Banish Boring!

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Merge function with personality and go for the gusto in terms of creativity. Whether you embrace the glamour of sparkling crystal and oriental rugs, an understated European hotel aesthetic, or a rustic “farmhouse” feel with timeworn charm, carry it out with confidence, knowing that you have only yourself and your partner to please in the master bath. Use sleek metal trays or worn wire baskets to hold grooming aids and supplies—whatever fits your scheme.

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All bathrooms possess the basics: porcelain fixtures can be classic, retro or futuristic. If you are planning a new addition or remodeling, remember that performance is all-important. The working parts of a bath are no place to skimp on quality. Allocate ample budget funds to faucets, fixtures, lighting and mirrors. Trends come and go, but basic white and silver (or chrome) have withstood the test of time and always look fresh and clean.

Make Storage a Focal Point

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Built-in cabinets for the bath also come in many forms. Storage is important, but a tall cabinet with a pair of pedestal sinks can serve as well as the traditional vanity. Converted pieces of furniture add a unique charm. If you have a choice, opt for interesting angles, an abundance of light and ample floor space. Consider it a bonus if you have high ceilings, and plan large-scale decorative accents—a stack of open shelves to hold fluffy towels. A floor length mirror and a small chair or bench is always welcome, and a storage closet could be reason to swoon. Or add character as well as storage with a chest or armoire. Think vertically if nothing else is appropriate. Pile fluffy towels on open shelving, and use wall-hung storage bins for grooming aids.

Add pizzazz with graphics or framed art, color or a live plant. Promote calm with framed photos of favorite vacation spots. Cultivate creative wizardry. Repaint trim and rethink your color scheme. Try bold and bright; or go subtle with shades of sea, surf and sand.

Go for Personality

Browse sites like and Pinterest for ideas. Visit The Kitchen Master showroom in Naperville to view design ideas and new products; seek advice from our knowledgeable staff. Keep a notebook; tear pages out of magazines and start a resource list of color charts and accessories that delight your spirit and make sense in your space.

A powder room used primarily by guests can be bolder, less functional, more whimsical or more formal than the rest of your home, or it can express a totally different aspect of your personality. Set a vanity sink into an old pickle barrel if you wish; or lean a floor length mirror next to a pedestal sink and hang a weathered lantern from the ceiling. Paint the room a dusky color and fill the walls with moody art prints or commission a vibrant “graffiti” wall by a local artist. In a small space, give your imagination free rein and simply enjoy the reactions of all who visit the room.

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