5 Trending Shower Tile Designs

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No one expects tile to disappear from the bathroom — ever. But the latest looks in bath tile prove thatthere’s a resurgence of showy, dramatic tile for showers, floors and even countertops. Tile is here tostay, and the newest tiles are nothing if not extraordinarily diverse and beautiful.

Here’s what to watch for:

  • Mosaics: There’s a renewed interest in design borrowed from the past. Mosaics that look as if they have been lifted from the floors or walls of an ancient Mediterranean villa are trending. They might look a bit timeworn, with muted, faded colors, or they can be scenic and vibrant with a South of the Border verve and Caribbean color. Either way, a shower wall done in mosaics will testify to your good taste and your “with-it” sensibility.
  • Wood Grains: Tile that mimics other natural materials, especially wood, is gaining in popularity because it combines the best attributes of each material. Stylish and easy to care for, choose either light or dark tones and rustic or contemporary interpretations. There’s no reason to go looking for “bathroom” tile any more! Use the same tile throughout your home if you wish. Look for exotic species interpreted in tile, and you’ll also demonstrate environmental consciousness.
  • Metallics: The popularity of stainless steel may be waning, especially in the kitchen, but its place has been more than supplanted by a wide variety of other metals. Water resistant copper, pewter and gunmetal finishes are among the leaders, but gold and burnished bronze are also strong contenders. Aged metallics, including matte, satin, burnished, brushed or distressed finishes, are among current favorites. Feel free to mix different metallics in the same space: A satin nickel faucet and shower head is stunning with  matte grey tile. Add tile accents of polished nickel, burnished brass, and smoky gunmetal, and a textured pebble tile floor for a winning combination!
  • Stone: Stone tiles will likely be around forever, but in 2017 plan to highlight the unique appeal of natural stone tile in new ways. Add interest with both honed and polished versions of the same stone. Mix rough slate with smooth marble. Take a lesson from ancient mosaic installations, and pick a variety of color tones in natural stone. Trendy looks know no bounds, but neutrals — grey, white, beige and black — are especially attractive and play to the popularity of natural themes in today’s best bathrooms.
  • Don’t Be Limited: Take your tile to unexpected heights for the trendiest look of the year. Tile the wall. Older bathrooms frequently had tile wainscoting, but there’s no reason to stop halfway up. Take your tile statement to the ceiling for an eye-popping focal point! It may be a bit daring, but even a single tile wall will tip the style scales in your favor!

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