2021 Home Office Design Trends

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The home office has made a comeback as more companies recognize that remote work is the trend of the future. When you are ready to create a comfortable and productive place to work, the following are some of the hottest design trends you will want to incorporate into your plans.

Bring In the Light

Natural light makes it easier to get work done in a relaxed, comfortable environment. Adding picture windows, bay windows, and skylights can flood the room with light and ease the strain on the eyes from computer monitors. Of course, sometimes you will have to work late, which means you will also want to install task lighting, recessed lights, downlights, etc., to create layered lighting in the office.

Build a Backdrop

Backdrops add an air of professionalism to your home office. Whether you’re meeting with clients or managing a videoconference call, the backdrop creates a professional atmosphere that helps you stay focused and on task. It also creates the perfect place for cabinets to store books, office supplies, files, and keep other materials essential to your work organized and within easy reach.

Make It a Murphy Room

Many home offices are converted guest bedrooms, but what happens when guests come to visit? When you install Murphy beds and Murphy desks, you can create a comfortable place for guests to rest and relax during their visit. It will also create an additional workspace where kids can get their homework done after school.

Insulate the Space

Whether the kids are home from school or the neighbor next store blasts music, noise can distract you from your work. The best way to counter this is to install solid wood doors and add blown insulation to the walls to keep the noise at a minimum.

Build Out Back

If you have a big yard and want to create some separation between your home and work, consider building a free-standing home office out back. There are many small home designs and free-standing structures you can choose that will allow you to create a mini-office where you can work and protect your work-life balance.

Paint for Effect

The color you choose should reflect your profession. “Serious” professionals such as lawyers and accountants may enjoy darker, more refined colors, while creative professionals such as writers and home designers may be more comfortable in bright white and soft pastels. Whatever colors you select, you want them to blend together to create a cohesive color palette.

Smarten Things Up

Adding smart home devices to your home office makes it easy to stay on top of tasks, control the ambient lighting, secure the home office, and more. It also makes it possible to control the climate, music, and other media that help you relax and focus on your job.

Zone & Ventilate the Office

It’s a great idea to zone your home so that you have superior control over your comfort. Zoning your home heating and cooling system will help you save money throughout the year. It will also allow you to create the best atmosphere in your home office so you can stay comfortable while you work.

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