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Do you telecommute full time? Perhaps you want the option to work from home temporarily or a few days per week. Whatever the case, having a functional home office is the key to your comfort and productivity.

If your current setup in a spare bedroom, walk-in closet, or far side of the dining room isn’t working anymore, turn to The Kitchen Master for help. Our home office remodeling services will solve your work-from-home woes. Even with pets or kids at home, anyone can successfully work out of a home office in a well-designed space!

Before you begin your home office remodeling project, read this guide to help you plan and implement a custom work-from-home space. Then, contact The Kitchen Master at (630) 369-0500 to get started.

Consider the Project Scope

You have two primary options for creating a functional home office:

  • Remodel an existing home office: Even if you’re happy with the size and location of your current office, you may want to update the materials and finishes or reconfigure the layout. Improvements could also include adding built-in shelving or a private bathroom.
  • Repurpose another room as an office: Why not convert an underused room into a full-fledged home office? It typically takes just a few modifications to turn a spare bedroom, upstairs landing, attic, garage, or basement corner into a functional workspace.

What To Consider When Planning a New Home Office

From knowing your priorities to setting a budget to blending the decor with the rest of your house, great consideration goes into planning the ideal home office. While a professional designer can help with this step, it’s good to know what you need based on the type of work you do from your home office.

Your Priorities

Knowing what features you can’t live without creates a good starting point for your remodeling project. Any productive workspace needs the following home office essentials:

  • A spacious desk
  • An ergonomic office chair
  • Ample outlets
  • Storage and organization solutions
  • Versatile lighting
  • Privacy


Consider how much space you need to work comfortably. Also, decide the importance of having an entire room or if a built-in desk in a quiet part of the house will do.


How much do you plan to spend on your home office? You may not know the exact costs until you speak with a remodeling company. But whether your budget is large or small, you can expect a return on your investment thanks to improved productivity and quality of life.


Think about what you need to store — paperwork, office supplies, and inventory are just a few examples. The proper storage solutions help cut the clutter and keep your desk organized. Some options include:

  • Custom home office cabinets
  • Built-in bookcases with adjustable shelves and an integrated work surface
  • Wall-mounted filing cabinets
  • Desks with hutch storage
  • A standing worktable with shelving below


Eyestrain is enough to give you a headache and ruin your productivity. Make sure you can see without squinting by having multiple lighting options based on the task and time of day. We recommend:

  • Windows for natural light
  • Curtains and blinds to control glare
  • Dimmable overhead lighting
  • Standing lamps
  • Desk lamps

Decor & Style

To have a productive workspace, your home office should be beautiful and functional. Add personal touches to blend the room with the rest of your home while incorporating the latest style trends. Here are some options:

  • Photos of family and friends
  • Houseplants or fresh-cut flowers
  • An area rug
  • Framed wall art
  • An accent wall or wallpaper

Take the Next Step in Your Home Office Remodel With The Kitchen Master

With the above considerations in mind, it’s time to hire a trustworthy remodeling company to design your new home office. At The Kitchen Master, we follow a step-by-step process that keeps every aspect of your project running smoothly.

First, we learn about your ideas and goals, starting with a phone consultation followed by an in-person meeting. Then, we launch the design phase, which includes space planning, color choices, material selection, and more. We also provide detailed specifications, work timelines, and payment schedules.

With your approval, construction begins! We coordinate product deliveries and daily work schedules to fit your needs. By performing tasks efficiently and cost-effectively, our team can finish your home office on time and within budget.

Ready to begin? Contact The Kitchen Master at (630) 369-0500 to request your free home office remodeling consultation.

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