Most Popular Kitchen Sink Styles

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One of the hardest-working plumbing fixtures in your home is the kitchen sink. Why not have one that’s both functional and stylish? With these popular kitchen sink styles to draw from, you’ll have plenty of ideas for your upcoming kitchen remodel.

Self-Rimming Drop-in Sinks

This tried-and-true design has been the go-to kitchen sink style for generations. The weight of the sink is supported by a lip that extends an inch or two over the countertop surface, making it easy to install. Drop-in sinks may have one or two basins, depending on the design.

Undermount Sinks

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The seamless nature and easy-to-clean quality of undermount sinks make them a growing trend in the kitchen renovation industry. This style is installed below the countertop, so food particles and spills are easy to brush into the sink without getting caught on a rim. Undermount sinks can only be installed with solid-surface countertops, including granite, quartz, and marble. As with self-rimming sinks, there may be one or two basins.

Material options are somewhat limited due to weight restrictions. However, unless you have your heart set on a heavy fireclay or cast iron sink, you should be fine. Popular materials used in undermount sinks include porcelain, stainless steel, and soapstone.

Farmhouse Sinks

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Also known as apron front sinks, this style acknowledges the farmhouse days when sinks had exposed fronts. While white porcelain is the traditional material, modern farmhouse sinks come in other forms as well, including stainless steel, copper, soapstone, and even bamboo. Adding this type of sink to your rustic kitchen adds a timeless historic flair that will continue to look fashionable for years to come.

Integrated Sinks

Composite quartz, marble, and concrete countertops have the option of integrating a sink directly into the material itself. This creates a sleek, seamless transition from work surface to sink. You can mimic this look by choosing a countertop and sink made from the same material, such as soapstone or stainless steel. Even if the two are technically separate, they can be designed to look like a single unit.

Prep Sinks

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Modern, spacious kitchens with multiple chefs working at once benefit from having a second sink, known as a food preparation sink. This is usually smaller and may be uniquely shaped in comparison with the main sink. To maximize its usefulness, the prep sink is usually installed on the other side of the kitchen from the primary sink.

One Basin vs. Two Basins

Deciding how many bowls your sink should have depends on a few factors. First, if you want two basins, you must have adequate plumbing installed. Traditionally, the left drain is fitted with a garbage disposal, while the right drain is not. Of course, this is your kitchen remodel, so it’s entirely up to you.

If you don’t already have the plumbing in place, you may find that a single-basin sink meets your needs just fine, especially if it’s large enough. After all, with an oversized basin, it’s easy to clean bulky pots, cookie sheets, and other bakeware. For this reason, many homeowners prefer one bowl over two.

Kitchen Sink Accessories

Make your sink more user-friendly with a built-in cutting board, utensil tray, colander, or drying rack. Multi-functional faucets with different sprayers and detachable heads are also trendy and practical.

With so many popular kitchen sink styles to consider, you may need help narrowing down your choices. The Kitchen Master can help you formulate a coherent design for your kitchen that meets your needs and suits your tastes.

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