Updating the Home: Trends Point to Personalization

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Trends in home design and kitchen and bath remodeling projects come and go, just as popular colors wax and wane and new labor-saving devices and gadgets become must-have additions to the room. It is as important to be aware of emerging trends as it is to suit yourself when planning a home renovation.

What are those trends as 2015 draws to a close? More than ever before, customization and personalization top the list.

Emerging home design trends of 2015

Heart of the Home

It would be difficult to imagine a time when the kitchen loses its leading position as the heart of the home. It is also No. 1 in terms of home renovation projects. However, the kitchen is a much more personalized space today than it was 20 years ago. Options for making it yours have never been greater, both in layout and in terms of cabinets, counter tops, storage, and appliances. If you can imagine it, you can have it in your custom kitchen remodel. Want a counter that is height-adjustable? It is possible. Hate the look of wall-hung cabinets? There’s no reason why you have to include them. Want a warming drawer, a second dishwasher or a wine cooler? Just ask! The sky is the limit in features and design styles.

New on the Market

Contemporary, sleek and efficient were the watchwords at the beginning of the year, and that trend will continue through 2016. Think hands-free if you want ease of use and the latest trend. From cabinet doors to kitchen faucets, less is more in terms of handles. Just gently tap and door or a drawer and it opens by itself. Wave your hand over your new faucet and watch the water flow. Ugly visible controls and bulky handles can be hidden or even eliminated addition to built-in efficiency, the concept of universal design plays a critical role in the development of appliances, surfaces, lighting, cabinets and general kitchen planning.

A new kitchen can be designed and built to fit the needs of everyone in the home. Your new room can be used by a five year old just as well as a senior with special needs. Commercial grade appliances and specialized gadgets take the kitchen from ordinary to highly personalized with ease. Specialized appliances bring restaurant capabilities to the home, which is a great option for aspiring chefs and large families. Kitchen storage can be vertical, multi-purpose, hidden or adjustable. Ergonomic efficiency, specialized stations and small appliances scattered throughout make modern kitchens not only interesting, but usable by family members of all ages.

The kitchen of the future will be beautiful, to be sure, but it will most likely bear little resemblance to Grandma’s workspace.

Bring Nature into the Design for Your New Bath

Nature Inspired Bath Design

Just as modern families view their homes as their castles, they often view master bathrooms as spas and retreats. Green design and water conservation are equally important, but the bath is a place for restoration and relaxation as much as for grooming. When planning a renovation of this private space, look to nature for inspiration. Capture the essence of a walk in the woods, a vacation by the sea, or a sense of mountain solitude. Open the bath to a view with a skylight or larger window or add music and a wall-hung television over a soaking tub.

Even though a simple, clean design aesthetic is very popular, you can add color and pizzazz through art and accessories. Personalize your new room to fit your style and to get what you want from your bathroom!

Our bathroom design professionals stand ready to help you define your ideas, whether you want efficiency for a shared children’s bath or luxury in your custom spa. Our certified designers and installers will work with you from beginning to end, and we’ll help you inject your personality into your new home spaces. Why not call us to schedule a free consultation?

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