Transitional Kitchen Design Bridges Past, Present and Future

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Transitional design, rather than being a nondescript look, can be an exciting blend of historical elements with futuristic convenience, melding the best of past, present and future into one harmonious whole. In terms of kitchen design, the warmth of a traditional keeping room may be the backdrop for trendy colors, thoroughly modern appliances, and features that are high-tech and labor-saving. In fact, transitional design represents the best of all possible worlds.

The Transitional Style Kitchen Encourages Individuality

Today, there are multiple formulas for kitchen remodeling. Just as the “kitchen triangle” is not as important as it used to be, today’s kitchen layouts reflect the changing needs of modern families for space that serves many different functions. Part command center, part family gathering spot, and often used by more than one cook, kitchen functions are more diverse than ever before. Kitchen islands and eating bars, for instance, are a modern trend, but a large island can look as “at home” in a kitchen with traditional cabinets as in a modern loft setting.

A choice of sleek stainless steel appliances does not require you to choose smooth cabinet doors, any more than painted finishes or butcher block counters require a country decor. The beauty of transitional style is in its adaptability. Feel free to mix shaker style cabinets, polished wood finishes and more traditional elements; add contemporary colored glass pulls and knobs to painted cabinet doors. Paint those cabinets a dusky grey to capitalize on current trends. Embrace the look of wood floors in a kitchen with sleek finishes and the newest “White Ice” appliances. One of the newest trends is to use white granite for kitchen countertops, adding Old World ambience to a hard-working contemporary space.

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Transitional Home Decor Spells Comfort

There are so many options available to homeowners in the Chicago area that, even in a vintage home, there is little reason to feel bound to a traditional layout or style. In fact, you will be “on the cutting edge” of design trends by adopting a mix and match attitude for your planned kitchen remodeling. Whether you simply plan to update specific elements, replace some appliances, modernize the lighting or embark on a total redo, certified kitchen designers at The Kitchen Master have their fingers on the pulse of American design to point you in the right direction.

The hallmark of any home decor plan ought to be comfort and personal satisfaction. By embracing transitional kitchen design concepts, you have the freedom to pick what appeals to you. If you love the look of raised panel cabinets in a painted finish, go ahead and choose them, even with sleek pro-style stainless steel appliances. On the other hand, if you would prefer to make a statement with a retro style range or a massive European-style cook stove, opt for either model in a zingy color that establishes a theme for your new kitchen space. You will smile every time you enter the room. Pair the trend with subtle, mix sleek tile floors with distressed wood cabinets and traditional lighting. Interchange exotic woods with painted finishes. Mix metals and design eras. Add color, or go monotone.

It’s all up to you, and our design staff can help you release your own “inner design pro!” We hope you contact us soon to schedule a consultation. We even make house calls.

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