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Long embraced by gourmet chefs and cooking professionals because of its reliability and performance, Viking introduced the first commercial cooking ranges designed specifically for home use back in the 1980s. The company has never wavered in its commitment to excellence in quality and innovation in design. Three separate product lines now meet homeowner needs in new ways. Viking never fails to delight and surprise!

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Italian Style Meets Pro Demands

It’s no surprise that Italy is well-known for its cuisine. The newest offering in the lineup of pro-style ranges is the Viking Tuscany, available in a captivating dark blue enamel finish as well as off-white, black and stainless. It has the presence to become your kitchen’s focal point and is offered in several different configurations, all with the expected high performance standards that will make great meals easy.

The cooking surface can be personalized with a varied combination of gas burners, induction surfaces, electric griddle or French tops, and the range is available in either a 36- or 48-inch width, both with baking pan storage drawers. The larger version also includes a smaller convection bake oven and up to six burners.

The Tuscany line also features sleek complementary ventilation hoods and dishwasher panels, making it easy to coordinate your kitchen decor. Our certified kitchen designers are familiar not only with Viking features and design specs, but with the full array of options offered by other companies, both moderately priced brands and upscale lines. If you have kitchen remodeling in mind for 2016, there is a veritable wonderland of available treats to tempt you.

Viking Kitchen Range
Photo courtesy of Viking Appliances.

Convenience Joins Hands with Good Looks

Another Viking innovation this spring is the French-door oven that joins the Viking Professional 7 Series. It promises to add a new dimension of convenience, with double doors that open to each side rather than folding down to the front. The vertical doors mimic the look and functionality of popular French door refrigerators, requiring less open floor space in front of the appliance. The look is sleek and modern when the doors open. Double doors also are safer, eliminating any need to reach over a hot oven door. The double oven configuration retains the single door on the bottom oven, however.

New Ovens in Town

The new “big boy” is the TurboChef Speedcook Double Oven, the “flagship” of Viking’s new and improved line that borrows the best secrets from legendary professional kitchens. Serious home cooks have every reason to lust after this one. The top oven features technology that will allow you to cook up to 15 times faster than a conventional oven.

It functions as a familiar microwave if all you want is to heat something up quickly. In addition, it will deliver other speed cook modes, including bake, roast, broil, air-crisp, toast and dehydrate.

The bottom oven marches to a slightly different beat, and has a probe-cook feature in addition to performing usual functions of bake-roast-broil, both in convection and thermal modes. It will also warm and proof to perfection. What’s not to love about that?

These are not your normal appliances, but if you’re planning your dream kitchen, why settle for average? Visit our expansive showroom in Naperville to investigate all the new appliances. We’ll be waiting to show them to you!

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