A Space of Their Own: Designing A Great Kids’ Playroom

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During Midwest winters, snow days and frozen roads often mean spending extra time at home. When the temperature drops, it’s especially important to think about creating a fun space for kids when they’re stuck indoors. At The Kitchen Master, we remodel and design all kinds of rooms, including playrooms—not just custom kitchens! Not only that, but you can get creative yourself (or work with one of our designers) to design fun, bold, joyful rooms filled with unexpected elements, such as brightly colored walls and climbing structures. These features combine to create the perfect playroom for your creative kid.

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Brightly colored walls and climbing structures

Essential Components of a Child’s ­­Playroom

When designing a child’s playroom, there are some basic components you should consider, such as play surfaces, toy storage, and safety. However, with a little imagination and resourcefulness, you can create the play space of their dreams.

Depending on ages and whether you have boys, girls, or both, you might want to adjust your playroom accordingly. For boys, a playroom with an outdoorsy lodge feel is a great option. Here are some good ideas for a rustic playroom:

  • Pillows shaped like animals. These will make your room feel like a real jungle!
  • Walls painted like a forest. Not only is this idea on-theme, but it can also create a sense of peace and tranquility.
  • Real wood elements. A touch of authenticity can go a long way as your kids get older.
  • Green, green, green! You can’t go wrong with this color.

For girls, it’s important to pay more attention to seating and storage space. Here are a few ideas:

  • Long window seat or wall bench. This provides space for reading or naps.
  • Plenty of cushions. A plush, cozy feel is always a plus.
  • Internal bench storage. This can be the place to store toys, pillows, and craft items.
  • Extra sleep space. Girls love sleepovers, and a long window seat or trundle can make your playroom double as the sleepover lounge!

Creative Structures for your Playroom Makeover

Outdoorsy lodge feel is a great option

Another great way to add fun and build your kids’ sense of adventure is to incorporate teepees, castles, or other imaginative structures in playrooms.

Kids love having their own special private nook all to themselves, and you can pair their hangout space with a geometric print rug or another classic print. It’s a good idea to choose fabrics and design elements that can grow with your kids as they get older and become more interested in having a space to hang out with their friends. But that does not mean the design of the room still can’t still have a fun, whimsical feel to it.

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Storage Options for Your New Playroom Remodeling

Abundant storage is also a must. Here are a few ways you can make storage fun in your kids’ new space:

  • Colorful, fun bins and baskets. These are a great way to keep all the toys, games, and crafts neat and orderly.
  • Wall-mounted shelves. These are great for getting bins off the floor.
  • Open storage racks. Same deal as the mounted shelves, but these allow for easy access by kids too!
  • Classic bookshelf. This one’s an obvious choice. As kids get older, they can replace toys with books, trophies, or other special items.

Kids spend a good deal of time playing on the ground, so lots of softly layered rugs and floor pillows are also a comfortable alternative to standard seating.

Expert Playroom Design for Your Naperville Home

Are you looking to create the perfect kids’ playroom in your home? We can work with you to remodel an existing space or create something completely unique. The expert designers at The Kitchen Master are dedicated to listening to all of your ideas and making sure your project comes to life in the exact way you imagined. We have an easy-to-follow design selection process and promise to always deliver on what we promise. Get in touch with us today—we would love to schedule a complimentary consultation to go over your ideas.

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