Kitchen Light Fixtures with a Wow Factor

The Kitchen Master | August 1, 2017

Say goodbye to boring kitchen light fixtures. A whole new world is waiting — overall lighting provided by recessed cans or stylish and economical and energy saving LED fixtures, specialized task lighting through in-cabinet mini-spots and under-cabinet LED continuous channels, motion sensing interior cabinet lights, elegant chandeliers, toe-kick illumination, pendants and island lights.

The good news is that kitchen lighting no longer has to look “kitcheny.” And it certainly isn’t “kitschy.” Forget the lamps that look like chickens, and the ceiling lights made from vintage canning jars or copper pots. Stylish fixtures are available in shapes, sizes, colors and styles that highlight dramatic architecture, energize your spirit and complement any decor. The bad news — if there is any — is that you might have a hard time picking favorites!

Meeting Specialized Kitchen Needs

The kitchen, just as any other room in your home, benefits from three separate types of illumination: General, or ambient light, supplements daylight and provides quality overhead illumination; task lighting focuses light where it’s needed for food preparation and cleanup, as well as for cooking and serving. Finally, accent lighting adds unique personality, meets individual needs, or contributes to the safety and ambience of the space.

Also, don’t forget the importance of being able to adjust the level of light in the kitchen. Dimmer switches are as important here as elsewhere in the modern home.

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At The Kitchen Master, our professional design consultants will help you select the best fixtures to capture your kitchen vision and show off your space. Here are some ideas we have used to create spectacular spaces in western Chicago suburban homes.

Elegance and Ceiling Shadows

elegang kitchen remodel globe pendant lighting over granite island white cabinetry stainless steel

This sleek white transitional kitchen boasts some contemporary features, including a large wall opening that artistically allows natural light from an adjacent room into the kitchen. It also features a gorgeous center island that looks like an elegant piece of furniture. The three clear faceted glass round pendants that accentuate the island’s size and provide ample light for both working and dining are stylish art pieces in themselves. The unexpected play of light and shadow on the ceiling, however, combined with perimeter-recessed cans, is the piece de resistance!

Sophisticated and Clear

kitchen renovation tile backsplash large pendant lighting over marble island grey cabinetry

This elegant chef’s kitchen with adjacent dining nook proves that it’s not necessary for all elements to match, even in an open setting. Here the island’s pendants are graceful and clear, while the chandelier over the table introduces a second design dimension with smoked glass and a similar, but different, shape. In addition to the decorative lights, notice the unobtrusive recessed lighting and focused illumination over appliances.

the kitchen master guide to popular kitchen layouts cover photo download

Mixed Traditional

the kitchen master transitional kitchen large wooden island chandliers white & black cabinets

Blending varied tones and materials into a seamless whole requires a sure hand. Here, light is used in many ways: it softens stark white cabinetry and brightens dark tones. It plays up contrasts and reinforces the theme of “differences” in materials. Notice how the designer used a wood accent to “ground” the island’s pendants. The inspired juxtaposition of crystal fixtures in the kitchen and an almost industrial openwork globe over the table is unique and noteworthy.

Contemporary Drop Fixtures

contemporary kitchen renovation deep wood cabinetry light hardwood floor stainless steel appliance

Modern shapes and frosted white glass shades accented with dark metal provide glowing contrast in this predominantly dark kitchen. Although the deep-toned cabinets are stunning, the relief and brightness introduced by ceiling illumination and stylish drop fixtures are what bring life to the space, along with the lighter tones of countertop and backsplash, and the wood flooring.

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, contact us now to arrange a showroom visit and a consultation. We’ll discuss great ways to light up your life and your new kitchen!

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