Kitchen Design Trends 2017: A Mixed Bag of Delights

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New colors and a mix of styles and materials will influence the kitchen trends to watch for 2017. Go with your favorites!

For 2017, you can go “back to the future” or embrace the best of the past — either way, you’ll be right in tune with the trends and capture the right vibe for modish kitchens.

It’s a mixed bag that has captured the attention of savvy kitchen designers, pointing the way to some spectacular interpretations for new and stylish “heart of the home” design in the coming year. It’s likely to be a colorful year, and you’ll want to be “smart,” not only with your choices of materials, but also with the appliances that will make your life easier, more efficient, more fun and more satisfying.

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2017 Kitchen Trends to Watch

Expect the lines between kitchen work spaces and adjacent living spaces to become even more blurred this coming year. Isolation is so not the choice of today’s cooks, and family togetherness extends into the kitchen for good reason. That means that cabinets will often look more like furniture, and appliances may be hidden or will be nicely integrated with the decor. There is likely to be some seating, and will often take the form of stools pulled up to a serving counter that can double as a snack bar or homework station.

Shiny stainless appliances may not disappear, but alternative finishes include darker colors and matte finishes. Don’t expect a return to mid-century enameled finishes for appliances, but do check out colored stainless. It’s the finish “du jour,” and blends nicely with other metal accents in the kitchen. If you want to be bold, choose a dramatic color for a single appliance — maybe cobalt blue for a pro-style range, red or turquoise for a retro-style refrigerator, or hammered copper for the exhaust hood.


Mix Colors and Materials for a Custom Look

Dark wood accent cabinets are likely to give way to more colorful, furniture-styled pieces, and mismatched finishes are all the rage for kitchen renovations. Check out the look of “Tuxedo cabinets” and become a style-setter in your neighborhood! Incorporate Grandma’s china cabinet into your modern kitchen or go the other direction and place a stainless steel pot rack over a traditional island.

Adapt to the new kitchen landscape with taller cabinets that recall freestanding armoires or yesteryear. Rather than matching an island to perimeter cabinets, opt for a worktable that will serve for everything from chopping vegetables, enjoying a cup of tea with a neighbor and doing online banking.

Store everything from dinnerware to foodstuffs in custom pull out drawers; install a lazy Susan to eliminate hard-to-reach corner spaces, and check out specialty niceties like pop-up shelves for a large mixer, an appliance garage, and narrow pull-out spice racks that require just a sliver of space in lower cabinets.


Some Older Ideas Are New Again

Convert a hallway to an old-fashioned butler’s pantry that will expand storage capability, simplify serving and eliminate clutter. Plan different work stations for food prep, serving and clean up, and position appliances where they make the most sense for your lifestyle. Seriously consider options other than granite! Wood is making a comeback, and engineered stone or quartz counters are the fastest growing counter material. Top an island with copper or zinc – not only is it great-looking, but it boasts proven bacteria-fighting properties!

Finally, consider what you put underfoot. Vinyl is making a comeback not only because it’s more comfortable, but also because modern vinyl is great looking, durable and easy to care for!

If a kitchen update is in your future, the certified designers at The Kitchen Master will point you in the right direction. We’ll help you determine which 2017 trends will suit your style. Why not schedule an appointment now for an initial consultation?

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